Jason Dhakal and dot.jaime Tuck Us to Bed With “Night In”

There are days for sentimentality and there are songs that bring it right in front of our doorstep whatever the weather may be. Jason Dhakal and dot.jaime brings what could just be that package in their joint release by the name of Night In. This new EP sends us not on a midnight road trip of emotions, but right outside our bedroom window for almost twenty-five minutes of isolation. We all find ourselves dwelling upon that mood once in a while: an ironic blend of the desire for solitude away from a sea of constant chatter and the creeping necessity for a company you cannot give a name to. Thanks to these guys, we find ourselves painfully dwelling between the two again.

Jason is a young musician but he’s certainly not new to the industry. His Aftermath was an EP released in 2016. dot.jaime has certainly kept his himself occupied too by providing and making beats here and there. Their most recent collaboration draws us in even with the absence of the cold weather. And yet, here we are unsure of why we should be feeling the mood this album dictates.


The EP introduces five songs that whispers their individual dilemmas. Notably, however, their sequence sends them out as if the tracks are combined to one narrative. Infatuation narrates the response to unreciprocated feelings and U goes about the pursuit of the song’s muse. From there, the album moves on to the fictional relationship going downhill with Get It Together’s convincing nature and Here’s unrequited stirrings. Do I reminds us of the last time we were all trying to save something we should’ve dropped long before that.

“Mold my heart a different shape to fit you

Held my heart so tight until it bleeds, you

Can’t leave you”

The resonance of each song to how we, as listeners, feel aggravates the success of this album. Closure fittingly marks the end of the EP, but not the conclusion of our sentimentality. That would probably be impossible with the following lyrics:

“Baby if you could

Remember the last time

You said that you loved me

That you said

You were fine”

There goes our emotional stability for the day or night –whenever our mood craves to hear this EP. Night In tucks us ready for bed with Jason’s voice echoing in our thoughts and the keys subtly clinging on to our ears before they kiss us goodbye and slowly fade out into the night. Should we find ourselves stuck in a mood we find difficult to describe (or even to feel), Jason Dhakal and dot.jaime’s newest release is just a link away to accompany us. For that, we’ll all be nothing short of grateful.

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