For most of you, this is James Reid

A Filipino- Australian celebrity – a product of an ABS-CBN reality show, and a couple of blockbuster movies and teleseryes up his sleeves. Few days ago, he released – “Palm Dreams”, a self-produced 9-track album. And boy, we are shookt.

For someone who’s image is commercial – meaning, he caters to a very specific audience that is the masa, James deserves a thumbs up for breaking away from this norm. Which brings us to an important point –

The Great Divide

James Reid is a product of Showbiz, there is a specific formula that works for their business module – and there is no fighting this definitive voice. Long story short – it’s a money making business. There’s absolutely no shame in admitting this. I believe that these outfits play a role in the society.

Here, you do what you got to do. Beat Energy Gapif you must.

In the other hand, there is the local independent scene. (READ: Changing the Game in Music)

Discussions about “mainstream vs indie” might just be stating the obvious, but I’ll say this, everything that is snubbed in the other is king in the latter – artistry, intent, craft, you name it.

But James didn’t care. Hence –

“Palm Dreams”

This is James Reid’s story of escape.

Despite being signed to a major label, James wrote and created this album with the help of co-producer & friend – Paolo Tiongson a.k.a Poor Taste. And it wasn’t all that easy for them. Get the full retrospect from Paulo and James themselves in an interview with Philippine Star.

“It’s a showcase of James’ artistry and his breaking out of the norm” – Scout magazine

Is this a start of a revolution in the local music industry? I hope so, Bimb, I hope so. In fact, more artists share the same thoughts:

My Personal Fave – “On Top”

R&B-Hip Hop vibes will always be my cup of tea. I obviously like this album because I crave for local artists that explore into this types of sound. This song speaks more about his maturity to sing about sexuality. And thank you for bringing Sam Concepcion and King WAW to the party!

I don’t care what you say about the album – it’s the intent that speaks louder to me.

Can’t wait for your next move, James.

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Let us know who to feature next!




Featured Photo by BJ Pascual