UPDATE: “Boarding House Reach” will be released on March 23!

Jack White is on a roll! The singer-songwriter released two new tracks, “Connected By Love” and its B-side “Respect Commander”. The single will be featured in his upcoming album “Boarding House Reach”.

The Genius of Jack White

White teased new music last December via a four-minute video he uploaded on YouTube. The video was practically a mix of songs we can assume will be included in his third solo album “Boarding House Reach”. Based on the previews, he experimented with a number of genres: jazz, rap, rock, country, and psychedelia to name a few. That doesn’t come as a surprise; White’s previous album “Lazaretto” showed his mad scientist side. On top of a Grammy nomination, the album’s limited edition “Ultra” LP featured hidden songs, secret grooves, and holograms that materialized only when the record is being played.

“Well, Do you have an STD, or something?”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed that “Connected By Love” came around while he was simply humming notes out loud and staring out the window of his Nashville apartment. He initially thought that it might have been a melody from a song 40 years ago—a problem he encounters as he tries to “bring something new into the universe.” The original lyric was supposed to be “I’m infected by love”, but he had the feeling people might take it too literally and think that the song is about STDs. With this in mind, he changed the word “infected” to “connected” and began to feed off that.

He teamed up with a new crew of musicians who come from the hip-hop world: drummer Louis Cato, bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl, synthesizer DJ Harrison, keyboardist Neal Evans, percussionist Bobby Allende, and backing vocalists Ann & Regina McCrary from legendary Nashville gospel trio the McCrary Sisters. These musicians have played for the likes of Beyoncé and Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. They produced and recorded the song at Sear Sounds in New York City, Capitol Studios, in Los Angeles, and White’s very own Third Man Studio in Nashville.

This is the first time White recorded outside of his Third Man Studio, possibly sending him to the direction of an ever more experimental record. The release date of “Boarding House Reach” is yet to be announced. What an exciting year for music!

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