IV of Spades undoubtedly became 2017’s breakout band, but the boys are entering 2018 with even bigger goals: win Spotify and AirAsia’s “Dreams Come True” campaign.

From 20, to Eight, to Two

AirAsia and Spotify launched “Dreams Come True” last November 13 in the hopes of finding and nurturing musical talent from the ASEAN region. They picked 20 artists for the first round: IV of Spades, Abirama, Airliftz, Axel Brizzy, Banna Harbera, Battle Bloom, BECKA, Ben Sihombing, Bil Musa, Jean Tan Li Juan, JinHo Bae, Keiko Necesario, Kuizz, Miss Lou, Reality Club, Rob and the Hitmen, Semenjana, Talitha Tan, The Façade and VVYND. The next round cut the number down to 8: Abirama, IV of Spades, Jean Tan, Keiko Necesario, Kuizz, and Miss Lou.

In a head-to-head showdown, our favorite old souls is keeping the Philippines in the running! The “Dreams Come True” campaign is down to IV of Spades and Malaysian singer-songwriter Kuizz. Whoever nabs the top prize will work with iconic record producer, composer, songwriter, and arranger David Foster. According to the band, Foster’s guide and advice is already a reward and will take them to the next level.

A Long Time Coming

IV of Spades captured our hearts only last year, but the boys have been hard at work for quite a while now. They played their track “Ilaw Sa Daan” for Wanderband 2015 only to be beaten by Oh, Flamingo! to play for Wanderland Music and Arts Festival. This pushed the band into a six-month writing hiatus that became beneficial for them in the end. After Blaster Silonga won Eat Bulaga’s “Music Hero”, they reemerged as IV of Spades—a group of musicians who not only creates music but also art with their consistent getups matching their disco-funk genre. Believe us when we say that it’s not hard to spot them in a crowded group.

Support IV of Spades and help them win Spotify and AirAsia’s “Dreams Come True” campaign by listening, following, and sharing their music on Spotify! It’s that easy. Best of luck, boys!

Featured image taken by Simon Vigan

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