Another Wednesday, another list of artists to get you through. Sit back on your not-so-comfy office chair, plug in your earphones, and bring yourself to an imaginary road trip with our favorite modern garage/surf rock bands for this week’s edition of Hump Day Treat!

Team Spirit

Brooklyn-based Team Spirit is a fiery four-piece band led by Passion Pit’s ex-synthesizer-sampler-percussionist Ayad Al Adhamy. Their self-titled debut EP received praise from music publications like Rolling Stone, and they quickly followed it up with the anti-Valentine “Love Is For Suckers” EP. Their last release dates back to September 2014 with “Killing Time,” and the most notable track “Teenage Heart”. It sounds giddy, but one look at the music video will make you think differently.

Best Coast

Bethany “Bratty B” Cosentino spent two semesters in New York and found herself in a depressing, mundane routine. She eventually moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles and paired up with Bobb Bruno. They achieved their sloppy-sounding guitar sounds and love-stricken lyricism in their first album “Crazy for You”. Cosentino and Bruno took their sophomore album “The Only Place” to a different direction after their debut album’s unexpected success, while the latest album “California Nights” focuses on the unseen darkness of LA. She hid her voice underneath layers of reverb and distortion during the first album but Cosentino is coming out of her shell to show us her vocal prowess.

Bass Drum of Death

Frontman John Barrett started Bass Drum of Death as a one-man band. He recorded the first two albums “GB City” and “Bass Drum of Death” alone, but signed on two other guitarists and a drummer as touring members. Less than a year after they released their third album “Rip This” in 2014, they announced a hiatus citing personal issues. They entered 2017 with good news, however, and announced the end of the hiatus by releasing (and then taking down) two new song demos. They’re still working on upcoming material, so looks like we’ll have to sit tight.


If you play GTA V, they might sound very familiar. Vocalist Nathan Williams and band member Stephen Pope host the radio station Vinewood Boulevard Radio, the same station where their exclusive track “Nine Is God” plays. He’s released six studio albums under the moniker, the latest being “You’re Welcome” earlier this year. His growth from being “that guy who had a breakdown during Primavera ’09” to actually being known as “Nathan Williams of Wavves” reflects in the slightly more experimental music and serious songwriting in their newer albums. Don’t be fooled though, Wavves still has a lot of fight and youth in him—he’s just learning how to age gracefully.


An acronym for the popular skater mantra “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk,” FIDLAR gained notoriety for getting wrecked around Los Angeles. Frontman Zac Carper struggled with a heavy drug addiction that caused him to overdose thrice and nearly ruin the band. His life problems prove to be great writing material, however, and the process is evident in their two studio albums; if “FIDLAR” narrates the wild nights, “Too” is the dreaded morning after filled with regret and introspection. Carper eventually kicked his vices thanks to an hour-long call from Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong who went through something similar in his youth. Thanks, Billie Joe!

Looking for more bands like them? Dig through Bandcamp or SoundCloud! You won’t be disappointed.

Featured image by Paul Adams from Live Gig Shots