It’s only Wednesday but it has already been such a great week for Filipino music!

On July 8th, actor and musician James Reid dropped his self-produced piece of work, Palm Dreams, which other local artists have considered a strong tool for changing the landscape in Filipino music.

Just a few days later, independent band, IV of Spades, released another piece of work that the young Filipino audience would surely find a treat in!

IV of Spades

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You may remember having the band over for a little chat during our tour with Stages’ Sessions’ The Gig Circuit: SaGuijo, where they talked about what connecting with their audience means to them as music artists.

“Whenever it feels like home, that’s when you know you’re doing the right thing as an artist”. IV of Spades, on when they feel the most authentic.

If you missed them at the tour, here’s a little recap of the show!

Dance now, baby!

Back then (during an off-screen interview), IV of Spades admitted to not being “good communicators” and would rather have their work and performances speak for itself. (Check out their first ever music video here!) 4 months later, the band seems to have found something. They want clearly communicated with everybody as their latest music video, “Hey Barbara,” invites us to a funky little dance party!

Have a look:

Our new breed of local artists have been openly exercising their creative freedom through experimental works by allowing modern influences flow through their work. While it’s not everyday the Filipino audience see a 70’s-inspired music video, an R&B-inspired one, or a straight-up folk creation in local music, I personally think our creators are doing a good job at telling our generation’s story, and I couldn’t be more proud of them for stepping up the game and into the global arena.

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How do you like IV of Spades’ new music video? More importantly, how do you feel about Filipinos experimenting with different, non-traditional musical/artistic styles?

Let us know!