Here’s why Executive Director Kim Hanbin (former iKON leader B.I) is always trending

Kim Hanbin or B.I of iKON is a new Executive Director for IOK Company

This amazing singer, songwriter, performer, leader, producer, and overall, human now has another notch in his belt!

Kim Hanbin or better known as former iKON leader B.I, was officially announced as an Executive Director for IOK Company, home to numerous Korean stars, today.

The singer-songwriter started making big moves this month with rumors circulating about his next steps after laying low since his alleged forced resignation from the group and YG Entertainment in June of 2019. Quite a few rumors have circulated–some proven true, others false- and one of them is his candidacy for Executive Director in IOK Company with fans claiming it, chanting Executive Director Kim Hanbin repeatedly until it was true!

The initial source of the rumor was a circular by IOK Company which indicated B.I as a candidate for an executive director position to be voted on by members of the board, today September 28, 2020. In the board meeting today, Kim Hanbin was appointed an official Executive Director of the talent agency along with 8 others, B.I being the youngest appointee at just 23 years old.

by IOK Company

Executive Director Kim Hanbin will hold his position for 3 years. IOK Company is home to stars like Jo In-Sung(It’s Okay That’s Love), Ji Suk-Jin(Running Man), and Moon Hee-Joon (Immortal Songs).

In the same circular, fans have spotted that Kim Hanbin was listed as “singer at 131 Label.” The same label which was rumored to have been started by Kim Hanbin himself, earlier this year.

Since his departure from iKON, the multi-awarded songwriter has still been releasing songs albeit covertly under his own private Sound Cloud account, also named ‘131’. His latest release was just September 3.

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