There’s been a wave of unnecessary dislike for U2 over the last few years. Okay, maybe the last decade. However, this generation’s U2 fans can rejoice because their latest single, “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” doesn’t suck!

Let’s Forget About “Songs of Innocence”

Seriously, can we all just pretend that album never happened? Let’s just go back to listening to “The Joshua Tree” on repeat.

If you were too young to recognize U2 a few years ago, they’re the band who freely released their album on iTunes. No, not the iTunes store—iTunes as in the person’s phone or iPod. The marketing stint for “Songs of Innocence” angered nearly all of the 500 million users who woke up one day to find the album in their library. Bono cheekily apologized for it, saying that the band got carried away with a “beautiful idea.”

Those users didn’t appreciate “Songs of Innocence,” but it did receive a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album. It commercially failed, but strangely enough they sold out arenas during the album’s supporting tour. That, ladies and gentlemen, shows us the majesty of a band as powerful as U2.

A New Page

“You’re The Best Thing About Me” is probably the best thing that’s happened to U2 since that little album mishap. The second single for their upcoming album “Songs of Experience,” we can’t deny that the song is a major earworm. It starts off with harsh strumming and Bono’s romantic lyricism, followed by a pulsating drum beat. As they float into the chorus, the track widens with vocal and guitar echoes surrounding you. It might seem joyous but Bono quickly brings us down to earth with the lines “You’re the best thing about me / The best things are easy to destroy / Why am I walking away?”

Bono’s never found it hard to write music that will punch you right in the gut, whether it’s about personal experiences or social issues that you choose to ignore. If they keep this momentum up, “Songs of Experience” might just be the comeback album many of us U2 fans are silently wishing for.