Haters Gonna Hate: Ariana Grande and other Celeb Couples Who Slammed Bashers

Love in a time when everyone has a word to put in isn’t easy. Every single move of popular icons results to a checkmate thanks to the watchful eye of anonymous figures spreading hate and hate and hate. Well, tough walls are not easy to break down and these couples were able to prove just that.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

One of the freshest engagements started when Ariana guest presented on Saturday Night Live where Pete is a cast member. Both parties were dating different celebrities –Ariana with Mac Miller and Pete with Cazzie David. After announcing their break-ups with each respectively, Ariana and Pete could hardly be seen apart to which a few fans couldn’t help but put in a word or two. One fan tweeted how heartbreaking it was to see Ariana Grande dump Mac Miller for another man after he dedicated an album for her. Ariana, being the bold lover she is, tweeted back:

However, Ariana isn’t the only one who knows how to clap back. Pete goes to his instagram after people commenting that he shouldn’t date the famous singer because of his Borderline Personality Disorder.

No hate comments could actually stop the couple as their love further goes public with matching tattoos, Pete’s inks dedicated to Ariana, sweet social media posts and their engagement which was first hinted by Pete on an instagram post showing the flashy ring on Ariana’s finger last June 15, 2018. When he sits down for Jimmy Fallon’s show, Pete confirms the engagement and says, “I feel like I’ve won a contest.” Looks like the only tweet that’s going to matter to these two is “Congratulations!”

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig

It was 2013 when a video scandal of the Parokya ni Edgar lead vocalist and his girlfriend leaked and for a while, it was all that every netizen could talk about. The 7:17-minute video was uploaded without authorization on Youtube after Miranda’s hard drive was stolen. The post was quickly taken down but not enough to stop varying voices ranging from negative remarks to supportive comments to touch the topic. Questions such as what was the point of taking videos while making love with your partner circulated across the internet. To all the hate, Miranda had a reply:

“Di ni’yo kami matitinag.”   

The instagram caption was accompanied by a photo of the two all smiles at the beach showing how one video won’t be able to ruin what they got.

Fans came to their support saying that one mistake shouldn’t break the legacy that is Chito Miranda. The singer-songwriter shielded his girlfriend throughout the course of the issue until the topic died out. A year later, another video of the pair went out onto the internet wherein Chito staged a wedding proposal for his girlfriend Neri. The actress instantly said yes and the couple wed later on December of that year at a Tagaytay garden wedding. One can say that they are now a certified family with the presence of their son while they chose to stay reside in Tagaytay. The good turnout of events for the couple shows that yes, hindi sila natinag.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer

She was 19. He was 32. Aside from her nominations and awards, Swift is also known for her string of lovers and one of them is singer-songwriter John Mayer. He was 11 years her senior during the time that they were dating and they didn’t tie up loose ends neatly either. Swift’s Dear John was released in 2010 –the same year that they broke up and Mayer was pretty much vocal of how humiliating he felt in an interview for Rolling Stone.

However, aside from the famous Dear John, one song from her 2010 album Speak Now also featured another song that’s rumored to be for her former beau.

Swift talked about Ours through her label, Big Machine saying:

“It’s about being in love with someone, and people don’t necessarily think it is a good idea, and everybody’s giving you a hard time about it but you don’t really care.”

Since the song talks about criticism towards a couple’s love, Swift’s flame with Mayer was a perfect example. Their age gap had been an issue during the beginning of their relationship. Most of the lyrics also hinted at Mayer’s arm covered with tattoos as well as his playboy reputation which scares any father. In addition, what better way for an award-winning singer-songwriter to clap back at haters but to release a song defending her relationship?

Nadine Lustre and James Reid

“Come on guys, it’s 2017!” was an unforgettable response from Lustre after she shut down rumors of she and boyfriend, James Reid living together under one roof.

The couple met on the set of their first film and after more onscreen pairings followed, the two confirmed their relationship during a concert last February 2016. Even before their relationship became official, the pair had already gained a huge following –mostly teenage girls and the numbers only seemed to grow.

The Philippines is known to be a conservative nation and living together before marriage seems to be an alarming situation to a certain few. A number of netizens went to Facebook to express their disappointment noting that much of the couple’s fans are young teenage girls that they might inspire to act just as they do. Other users came to the couple’s defense that the actress’ boldness towards the issue was admirable. It was, in fact, 2017 and judgements outside of the couple’s relationship should not affect their decision of whether they should live together or not. A year later though, nothing from the issue has been heard since and the couple, whether they share a house or not, had been sticking together both onscreen and offscreen.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

It was the Nicholas Sparks novel to film The Notebook that aligned the stars for this couple back in 2009. A number of red carpet attendance of the pair followed confirming their relationship that led up to the announcement of their engagement in 2012. A 3.5 carat-diamond ring by Neil Lane that adored Miley’s finger confirmed the engagement.

However, the couple seemed to bump to a number of problems until the engagement was called off in 2013. Her famous and emotional Wrecking Ball –released in August of the same year was believed to be dedicated to Liam.

The music video received mixed views towards Miley getting naked for the video. The infamous twerk was also the topic of a lot of netizens. People believed Miley went from being the sweet Disney star to an icon whom you wouldn’t think had come from a child-oriented channel.

The two were linked to other personalities and fans followed until the pair were spotted hanging out within the same circle again in 2016. Later on, Miley took it to instagram to post a photo of her wearing the same engagement ring that went missing on her social media posts for a couple of years. The pair slowly began appearing publicly and on each other’s instagram posts. In 2017, Miley releases Malibu which is again dedicated to Liam. The good thing this time is that it’s all about love and nothing less.

Hate from external parties is pretty much a common ingredient for celebrity couples. However, surviving all of that hate is a necessary phase to show –not just prove- that love could withstand trials they themselves cannot control. These celebrities were able to respond back gracefully –chins up in the air. Still, do you guys agree with slamming your haters? Let us know in the poll below!

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