Legendary rapper Gloc-9 topped the Youtube trending chart with his performance of “Halik,” on the Wish 107.5 bus.

As of this writing, the performance video featuring Flow G. has over 7.5 million views.


Kung hindi ko kayang ibigay ang mga gusto mo
Tutuparin mo pa kaya ang mga pangako mo?

On his single, Halik, iconic hip hop star Gloc-9 puts someone to the test to find out if their relationship is founded on love or on superficial needs like riches and possessions. It tackles the reality that many couples face: when life gets tough and you get stripped off luxury, some people tend to break out of the relationship.

His performance of Halik currently sits on Youtube’s top 20 trending videos for the third week in a row. The song is also available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

The legends joins the 24 bars rap challenge

Teka sino nga ba talagang magagaling

Balang araw ay palaging titingalain

Binubulong na palaging tanong ng napaka rami

Buong tapang at pasigaw na sasagutin

Nangahas na bilangin ang mga bituwin

Pag lahat nakapikit kamiy nakatingin

Hindi mo kayang biguin lahat ay kakagatin

Para kaming bampira na nakatikim

Another creation from the OPM artist that has been making noise on the internet is his entry for 24 bars rap challenge. It peaked at number 4 on Youtube’s trending videos chart, and currently has over 1.2 million views as of this writing.

“Gloc-9 proves that even with challenges that stem from his newfound DIY leanings, there are solutions to impart your passion, and by using the online platform, the local rap and hip-hop music industry is still reaching out to the fans and followers, providing entertainment and positivity in a time of uncertainty,” shares Gloc-9’s wife Thea Gomez Pollisco, who leads management and production team Asintada, which currently handles the rap artist. “This goes to prove what Gloc-9 has always been saying: inspiration and learning can come from all directions.”

Even in his third decade in the industry, the legacy of Gloc-9 does not die down. One of his most recent projects, a collab song with juan karlos called ‘Sampaguita’ has appeared in many local music charts, including U do U’s Top 10. Since its release over a month ago, it has garnered over a million views on Youtube.

Some fans have claimed that Gloc-9 is the GOAT of OPM hip hop. Do you agree?

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