We chatted with Conan Gray  live in a Virtual Press Conference hosted by MCA Music!

After dropping his album ‘Kid Krow‘, the 21-year-old Youtuber turned Prince of Pop became a staple for a lot of witty and fun interviews online — ours was not an exception! We got to know him more and his latest music video for ‘Heather‘.  

Get to know him more also below!


On Topic of Love

It is not uncommon that each one of us could relate to his song “Heather” as more often than not — when it comes to the story of unrequited love, we have our very own stories to share.

Sure it totally sucks when your crush doesn’t love you back, right? But it is also true that out of that painful experience we could say that many of us grew and sometimes we even turned our hurt into a beautiful piece of art, just like what Conan Gray did with his single ‘Heather’.

In case you haven’t give it a listen, better check it now below!

Conan also opened up about his inspiration behind his track during the interview. He mentioned that he actually wrote ‘Heather’ as a reflection of his buried feelings back when he was in High School and his crush back then didn’t reciprocate the same feelings.

“I was so jealous of her and I hated her so much like she didn’t deserve it all but I think ‘Heather’ to me is kind of wishing that I was something that I’m not and wishing that I could be like Heather. You know, be all sweet and lovable but I’m not like that. I think we all have a ‘Heather’ in our lives.” Gray expressed. 

About his tracks

Being one of the top rising artists’ there’s a lot of his great tracks that put him on the spotlight but if it’s your first time to dive into his music, know that he has a song recommendation for you!

“An introduction to my music, is probably ‘Maniac’ . I think it’s probably a good crash course, an intense crash course on how I am, you know I think my writing style is very much like not to serious but I like to have to few zingers here and there . And I would say, ‘if you need crash course into Conan-Sad-Boy-Hours, I would listen to ‘Heather'” -Conan Gray


In the Future

I am betting that more of his fans are dying to see Conan team up with some of their favourite and highly talented artists’ out there. But, according to him, if there’s that absolute one that he wanted to produce a song with in future; it would absolutely be Taylor Swift! (Yay!)

Perhaps, they have this kind of mutual feelings for a sweater? 

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you gave her your sweater // heather sweater and new merch in bio 🥀

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“There are so many artists that I look up to so much and I really really do admire them. i think I would just love to watch Taylor Swift write a song. She’s so talented and I love her new album so much. I loved all of her albums but yea, I would love to see her do her magic. She’s just so talented ” he added.

A Brief But Memorable Encounter…

It was short BUT it was a real solid experience! We were so glad that MCA allowed us to chat with him in person! uDOu got more into his music and his vibe.

And, if you want to dig a little more, and get to know him — the best advise we can give is to get to know him more by streaming his songs on all available digital platforms out there including Spotify!

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