Demie Cao joined u DO u in a short but special interview via Zoom!

Although we’ve all been stuck at home during this quarantine period, it doesn’t mean that we’re gonna stop discovering new artists for you to enjoy. This time, we’re introducing you to the rising Chinese-American singer-songwriter, Demie Cao!

If you’ve been keeping up with our releases, you probably know Demie by now, but if you want to dive deeper into her music, discover her better with us through our interview below:

Who’s that girl?

Demie Cao

This multi-talented musician has dipped her toes in various fields, from classical ballet to the K-Pop industry and now, as a full-fledged artist. Who could have thought that a ballet dancer can serve people her swag when it comes to music industry, right?

But speaking of ballet, Demie is no longer mincing effortlessly on the floor but she used to do for 13 years! To tell you, Demie shared that ballet was her introduction to music, since music and dancing go hand in hand.

“When I was training to be a ballet dancer I jut really fell in love with the expression of music. I decided to move towards music instead of dancing. And that’s how I really got started with the music thing” she expressed. 

Simply put, Demie is into the new digital music industry not only as an artist, but as a label A&R for 5A LABEL. She has appeared in promos for 88rising, CJNEM, KCON, and has danced in music videos for Lydia Paek and Korean Artists such as SiK-K.

Developing with 5A LABEL, Demie has written music for other Chinese and Korean artists with MRMG (Mister Rocks Music Group), including attending writing camps all over the world. She officially signed with 5A LABEL on 2014, and has been training under the label and completed her development last 2018. Moreover, her debut EP, ‘Airplane Mode‘ will be releasing this 2020! 

Her Music

According to Demie, her songs are like her diary— an outlet, so to speak. Just like normal people, we used to keep everything in our journals, but for her, it’s better if she contemplated it with melodies and awesome beats! Basically, her inspirations are the things about her life that’s why her music is like an open diary that welcomes everyone to tune in.

“Music is my outlet, for sure. If I didn’t write music, I think I’d probably go crazy!” she stated.

At some point, a lot of us can relate to her who considers writing as an outlet. Not necessarily a meticulous journal, but this can be our safe space when we are bereft of words verbally. Just like Demie, we’d probably go crazy if we didn’t vent out our emotions.

Sudden shift

Old and new fans alike have noticed a shift in tone between her two recent releases, ‘Yung’ and ‘Sage’. We could say that perhaps, Demie is exploring more of her genre but there’s really more to it.

“I wrote ‘Yung’ in my bedroom because I keep my music like a journal. I feel most comfortable writing them in my bedroom. I kinda just wrote it during a time when I was having a mental breakdown, when I was about to graduate college and I didn’t know what I was gonna do after, quarter like crisis personified,” Demie shared.

We can definitely say that ‘Yung’ was a very personal song to her and many of us can relate to that struggle. More so, she claimed as well that this kind of music comes naturally for her.


“When I heard the beat, that was so hard, and I knew my shy and awkward personality wasn’t gonna go well with it so I created an alter ego, Demie the Destroyer, so she kinda wrote that song.” she said.

“The Destroyer”

Demie the Destroyer

“It’s my way of creatively expressing myself. I have a lot to say but I find it hard to say it as myself so I created another persona.”

Typically a very shy and timid person, Demie had to resort in creating an alter ego that fits the style of the song. Thus, Demie The Destroyer is born. It shows her versatility, from talking about growing up in ‘YUNG’ to rapping over catchy beats in ‘SAGE’.

Her upcoming EP

In case you don’t know yet, her hit single ‘Yung‘ and her latest release, ‘Sage‘, are an installment for her upcoming EP, ‘Airplane Mode‘ to be released in the latter part of 2020. And we are definitely excited for what she’s serving to us!

“‘Airplane Mode’ is a long time in the making. There are songs from there that I’ve written when I was like 16-17. It is an album inspired by my travels both physically, to different countries, and also mentally, as my growth as a person. There are some songs on there I’ve written that I no longer resonate with. The album continues to go through growing up and more relevant songs like ‘Yung’ and ‘Sage.'” Demie shared.

Furthermore, the said upcoming EP is representative of her journey in this life along the glimpses of her struggles she faced. Looks like we’re gonna be served by great tracks from her where we can reflect our own lives while grooving into her awesome beat!

Are you excited for her upcoming Ep?

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