2020 is a mess but SB19 is trailblazing through the year with flying colors.

SB19 is finally dropping their debut album ‘Get in the Zone’ on July 31! The country’s representative idol group rose to stardom through their catchy singles ‘Go Up’ and ‘Alab’. Since their debut in 2018, the boy group will at long last showcase more of their music to the world.

A’TIN can expect a busy week ahead as the boys will continuously drop teasers until the much-awaited release date. With a posting of schedule through their official Twitter account, fans are getting excited for the album and mysterious music video.

It’s always a delight to write about SB19 and their growing list of achievements. It’s only been a while since we celebrated their latest milestone of getting featured by Forbes. (Read it here: SB19 Gets Featured on Forbes!) And now there are even more reasons to be proud of the iconic P-POP boy group because SB19 peaked at number 3 on this week’s Billboard’s Social 50!

They beat their previous record of Top 5 and now the boys are proudly high in the charts just behind K-pop superstars EXO and BTS. With a surplus of K-pop acts on the list, it’s notable that SB19 is the only Filipino artist.

Cheers to more accomplishments for SB19 and OPM! While waiting for the album to drop, watch their first teaser below:


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Finally, a full album A’TIN! How excited are you?

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