When Tyler likes something, he seems unable to get his talent off of it. His latest addition to a string of reinterpretations comes in the form of GELATO wherein he freestyles over Jacquees’ No Validation from his recently released LP, 4275. Earlier this month, he poured himself out onto Kanye and Cudi’s Kids See Ghosts. His version, CRUST IN THEIR EYES had apparently been taken down due to copyright issues.

His frustrations over the previous deletion was taken to the beginning of the track as he says, “Let’s hope they don’t take this one down man.” That was just the introduction of Tyler’s blend of boldness and subtleness on this track. He used to be quite known for dropping hints of his sexuality on most of his songs until his release of Flower Boy. His fourth studio album is said to be his official synonymous statement to coming out.

Tyler drops a reference from last year’s Oscar winning film Call Me By Your Name that tackles the sexual awakening of a young boy for an elder man. As a nod to this coming-of-age film, his lyrics go as:

“You got me on tippy toe, so who’s Oliv, who’s Elio?

It’s doesn’t matter, negative niggas gon’say, this don’t add up

But fuck they math up, shit, we subtract ‘em.”

He, finally coming out as part of the LGBT community, is clearly not here to just hold back on his opinions for the pride while using his medium. Turning back to his earlier tracks, this is not the first time Tyler related Call Me By Your Name to his works. He previously called out the film’s lead Timothée Chalamet on his song OKRA saying, “tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me.”

More than dropping easter eggs about the award-winning film, Tyler touches his sexuality more concretely this time. His lyrics go as:

“Tell me what’s the prolo, I just pop models

Boys or girls these days, shit, it don’t matter”

His disregard for which gender he pursues adds another shade of paint over the norm of romantic interests sticking to just one gender for each individual. Tyler’s line shows that they’re all up to stirrings and not some norm that’s still either refusing or struggling to bend.

Here is yet another entry that proves why he IS The Creator. Coming up with something that resonates not just with the present societal issues but also with him as a person could only be one of the most honest processes of creating art. Check out GELATO down below while it’s still up!