Skrillex is collaborating with American rapper and record producer G-Eazy on a new album. There are no details yet with regards to the release date, but fans are already expecting it to be lit.

G-Eazy has already collaborated with several big names in the music industry. He worked with Dillon Francis on the latter’s new track “Say Less”. DJ Carnage and G-Eazy also released a 4-track EP titled “Step Brothers.”

Brostep Album From G-Eazy and Skrillex?

Knowing Skrillex and G-Eazy’s styles, the new album might be a hybrid between rap and brostep. Skrillex already has a track with Chance the Rapper and The Social Experiment titled “ast is CleCoar.”

There was no official announcement regarding the new album. However, G-Eazy posted a photo of him and Skrillex inside a studio on his social media account.

G-Eazy wrote in the caption that they are working on a new album that will be coming out soon. A full-length album is expected from the two which is big for G-Eazy since his last one was in 2015.

Hot Collaborations

Skrillex’s music is no stranger to influence from hiphop artists and rappers. He also collaborated with American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross over “Purple Lamborghini:” which was part of the the original soundtrack of “Suicide Squad.”

Brostep, a sub-genre of dupstep, is kind of Skrillex’s specialty. The sub-genre is defined by dubstep tracks that often use rapper vocals or hiphop samples for the track. Most of the tracks in the new G-Eazy and Skrillex album could be mostly brostep.

G-Eazy will be performing live here in the Philippines at The Palace Pool Club on August 18, 2017. Tickets are priced at PHP 2400 while the Early Bird promo is at PHP 1900 with 2 free drinks.

G-Eazy Palace Manila

Skrillex has no announcements regarding their new album. More details from G-Eazy are expected soon.

What’s your favorite collaborated track?

Photo is from Las Vegas Informer