Every four years, a momentous occasion occurs – The Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and Frank Ocean releasing music. Apparently, no one can find him when he goes away, according to his good friend Chance the Rapper. He really submerges himself in his work. If you happen to hear any songs that have him sing a verse or two, that’s probably been recorded quite some time ago.

In 2012, he released “Channel Orange”, and in 2016, he released “Blonde”. This year though he’s been (kind of) active, breaking the 4-year tradition. He dropped a new single without any publicity, titled “Chanel”.

Ocean’s vocals are front and center, with a calming, almost entrancing piano and synth combination in the background. It’s the perfect thing to listen to if you’re on a late night drive and just want to relax. The essence of the song lies in its lyrics. Like the logo of Chanel, there is a lot of duality in this song. This can be heard in the mention of a feminine man at the start of the song.

The French fashion giant loved the song so much they posted some Frank Ocean related content in their Instagram. These may just be nods to the singer’s lyrics, but others have speculated that Frank Ocean might be working with Chanel.

In any case, I’m just glad that he’s putting out more music in such a short amount of time. Who knows, he may even release more albums for this year? Maybe not.