Part two of Coke Studio PH’s Christmas Special went live this weekend, featuring performances from the other remaining artists: Moonster88 and Jensen and the Flips, Gab & John with The Ransom Collective, Noel Cabangon and Curtismith, and Franco with Reese Lansangan. Last week’s episode saw holiday covers by Autotelic and Ebe Dancel, Sandwich and BP Valenzuela, and Abra with Gracenote.

Moonstar88 X Jensen and the Flips

In line with the theme of romance both Moonstar88 and Jensen and the Flips revolve around, the bands covered a classic Filipino song, “Pasko Na, Sinta Ko.” The bridge follows a classic Christmas song tradition—soft chorale harmonies next to the warm ambience of the song. Their rendition is sweet and falls as the perfect reminder that Christmas is about our loved ones and not the wrapped gifts or money stored in envelopes.

Gab & John X The Ransom Collective

The Ransom Collective and Gab & John’s main struggle with “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” came from their distinctively different sounds and how to mix it into the song. However with Buddy’s help, they were able to come together and turn the song into their own. “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” became an atmospheric tune, and their closing with vocalization keeps the Christmas feels in tact.

Noel Cabangon X Curtismith

Curtismith and Noel Cabangon are from the opposite ends of the spectrum, but Curtismith decided to lay off the bars for their cover of “Silent Night.” Their version sees a simple setup—Noel on an acoustic guitar and Curtismith sharing vocals with him. Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t half bad! The unostentatious rendition renders a melancholic atmosphere, reminding you of your childhood Christmases spent with family, food, and piles of wrapped boxes underneath the tree.

Franco X Reese Lansangan

“Go Tell It On The Mountain” starts off solemnly—enter the drums and a riff slide and you have Franco and Reese Lansangan serenading you. Franco sports an adorable holiday scarf while playing the repeated guitar riff that makes for a classic punk song. Even if it’s primarily heavy, Reese’s voice remains afloat as a nice touch alongside Franco’s.

We’re cheering for a season two, Buddy and Raymund! Thanks for the Christmas special and Happy Holidays!