Foo Fighters’ ninth album, “Concrete and Gold” is out and as always, Dave Grohl and co. didn’t disappoint. C&G, released last September 15, is the band’s follow up to their 2014 album “Sonic Highways” that is paired up with the HBO series with the same name where the band travelled across America to record in different studios.

While “Sonic Highways” and 2011 album “Wasting Light” was more conceptual, Grohl steered the Foo’s direction into a much more bigger, grander, and production heavy sound with the current album.

All of these wouldn’t be possible if not for Grammy-Nominated producer and the one half of The Bird and The Bee, Greg Kurstin, which has previously produced tracks for Sia, Adele, Halsey and Liam Gallagher.

You Get What You Deserve

In a video released by the Foos, Grohl recounted how The Bird and The Bee’s Again & Again came on the radio and blew his mind with its arrangement. Until he saw Greg Kurstin at a restaurant and made friends with him. Fast forward to years later, he drunkenly confessed to Kurstin that he wants him to produce the next Foos album.

For the record, Kurstin have never produced a heavy rock album and Grohl have never worked with a pop producer before… and the results? Mind blowing.

The Foos sound got more fuller and massive than ever. They are known for their Pixies like loud-quiet-loud formula and this time, the loud got louder and the quiet got quieter. Every song just surrounds and dazes you, starting from the Queen-esque “T-Shirt” which is the perfect album opening track especially when the full band in all its glory comes on and sweeps you away.

Then everything goes silent and Dave sings “You get what you deserve…”

Dave’s Gonna Dave

Dave Grohl is hailed as the nicest guy in the world on Rock N’ Roll and in return, he’s got a bunch of friends that laid out some tracks on Concrete and Gold like freakin’ Paul McCartney of The Beatles who played drums on “Dirty Water” , the “biggest pop star in the world” Justin Timberlake who did a couple of “la la la’s” on “Make it Right,” and Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men among others.

The ninth album is definitely star studded along with the grandiose production, but one thing that makes the Foo Fighters Foo Fighters is their consistency that they keep along with them no matter how they experiment and bring in other musicians.

Record in a garage using analog? No problem, you’ll recognize them still in the first notes. Record in different studios across the country? Challenge accepted. Work with a pop producer in a grand studio? They come up with an album that comes out as their biggest one yet.

Concrete and Gold demands your attention like no other. It surrounds you and fills your soul with heavy guitars, sways you with its sweet ballads and does it all over again and gets better the more you listen to it.

Check it out below and prepared to be rocked off into a new dimension.

But you know what’s better than listening to the new album? Listening to it live.