Fall in love with Fern, the newest kid on the block that is in a league of his own.

Fern Tan is a 17-year-old solo artist under Universal Records with an insane voice that cools your hungry soul. He is known to already be making waves as early as now with his original compositions.

You might have already come across “Into You”,  one of his most popular release that is not just sugary-sweet and pleasing to the ears but is also so catchy that it stays in your head of at least a couple of hours.

Creating a New Era of OPM Music

Gone are the days of the usual OPM hits like Vhong Navarro’s “Pamela One” to Sarah G’s “Ikot Ikot Lang”, which honestly never did cut it out for me. I am actually aghast at the idea of what comprised Pop Filipino songs back then. But hey, looking at what we have now, OPM has gone and reached limitless possibilities.

Of course, this is discounting the best of what OPM has to offer. If we compare the usual bandwagon of rock/alternative OPM music genre before from the likes of E-heads to Parokya to the age of Calalilly, Urbandub, Bamboo, and Kamikazee; to today’s IV of Spades, Ben & Ben and Franco; we can point out that our very own OPM is still very much evolving but sadly, it isn’t as widespread and as big as a decade ago.

Now, moving on — let’s get on to Fern’s original music composition and some of his produced music like the recent song “You” by  Claudia Barretto. Which, is a definite proof that he is one to look out for. Which translates to a new breed of OPM artists.

Fern along with a few other artists like Asch (the band) for me are some of the guys to lead OPM into a different level. Their chill hip-hop beats can be likened to Lauv’s songs which are primarily a blend of electronic hits with hip-hop sensibilities that is more or less usually mid-tempo. His songs actually give you a psychedelic chill feel that  really takes you to your happy place.

What else can I say? I guess, I couldn’t be more proud that these are the future of OPM. Artists who are on par with the international caliber of performers in the US — much less to say, all over the world. Oh, what a day to be a part of this beautiful reckoning.

Don’t believe me? Check his single “Into You” below.

On who he looks up to

“I have always looked up to people such as John Lennon, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk for the fact that they are not afraid to do something out of the ordinary, and they have left a huge impact in the world that we live in today,” says Fern.

“Ever since I was a kid I always dreamed of doing something great. Of course, at that time I didn’t really know exactly what it is that I wanted, but I knew for sure I was going to do something great, something inspiring. I really believe that my mindset is what brought me to where I am today.” – Fern on his interview with scout magazine.

What’s next

Fern’s EP Launch was held last March 26, 8pm at Early Night? Bonifacio Global City. His fans was treated to an exclusive performance of his hit singles “Into You” & “Are You Mine”. Event goers also got a glimpse of his unreleased songs first!

And mind you, the event was open to the public. No door charge. So naturally,  we hear it was an epic night. Let’s just toast to a future with more Fern and his kickass music in the next coming days.

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