The rising multi-instrumentalist star, Alexander 23 went live to share his newly-released track and entertain his Filipino fans via Zoom hosted by MCA Music!

The Chicago native, Alexander Glantz is the sole creative force behind Alexander 23 who just released the viral track called ‘IDK You Yet’. He writes, records and produces all of his music in addition to making the artwork for his singles and merch as well as animating his lyric videos. What’s not to like, right?

Just last Friday, even though we’re all hunkered down at home U DO U had the opportunity to take part in an online interview with Alexander 23! Well, thanks to MCA Music, we were able to ask him some questions to know him more. So, check out the video below!

Through that virtual interview, Alexander 23 expressed his love for music and of course, how much he appreciated the different interpretations of his song, ‘IDK You Yet‘. The singer-songwriter also shared how Chris Ullens directed his simple yet amazing music video for his track.

I wrote ‘IDK You Yet’ in quarantine. It wasn’t a song that I was sitting on for any amount of time. It was like a direct emotional response to everything going on and I put it out two weeks since writing it, which was super quick. But I felt like people were feeling the same way as me and needed to hear that song this time,” he said during the interview.

To date he has racked over 56 million streams and more than 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Later in 2019 he went on tour with Alec Benjamin, Omar Apollo and mxmtoon and made his Lollapalooza debut. Also, Alexander supposedly to be on tour this coming August with Lauv but he said during the interview that they have to cancelled it due to the ongoing pandemic crisis.

Diving Into His Tracks

Writing and recording since the age of 12, Alexander 23 really pondered over plucking the strings of his guitar and spent his teenage years refining his musical sensibilities playing in bands. In line with that, he was able to release his debut just last 2019 with “Dirty AF1s,” which premiered as Apple Music’s Bop of the Week and slated Spotify’s highly-coveted New Music Friday playlist.


Later in the fall, he shared his debut EP I’m Sorry I Love You, which finds him diving into the deeply personal yet relatable to define his music and showcases his thoughtful lyricism. Speaking of the tracks we mentioned, we also asked about the songs he wants to recommend to people who have just discovered him recently.

“I feel like I don’t know you yet has been a great entry point for so many people. I think my song “Dirty AF1s” is a natural next place to go personally. And if I have to pick couple more, my song ‘Mars‘ and a song called ‘Sad‘ probably.” he added.

What’s more, Alexander 23 also serenade his fans live via zoom with Richard Juan. Feel free to relive Alexander‘s hangout with his fans!

At the end of the interview, Alexander remarked how Filipinos love music so much and he’s grateful that we are able to dive into his craft.

Looking forward to hear more about him? Well, stay tuned for more updates! Don’t forget also to stream Alexander 23’s tracks on Spotify.


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