Shanti Dope, one of the hottest and youngest artists of today talks about his inspirations, his goals and how he feels upon being hailed as the top rapper of today.

Shanti Dope (c) INQ

During his Castaway surprise performance, we got the chance to pick and see into the young artists’ mind. And we are truly glad that we did. Afterall, with all the noise about him and his viral back to back songs all over the airwaves, knowing what drives all of this young artists’ mind is but a must.

Shanti Dope, also known as Sean Patrick Ramos, was just 11-years-old when he was first influenced by the hip-hop scene. His Uncle, Lester Klumcee Vano is already in the music business as a Producer for some of the top rappers in the country, as well as an artist in his own right. And through the years following and learning from the best of the best, Shanti Dope was able to record and break out of the scene.

We no longer have to do a lengthy intro on Nadarang” since well, most of you are quite familiar with the beat, the lyrics, and the sound. But. let me just break down some interesting points about it. It is the only “rap” song that garnered over 20 million streams on Spotify and over 10 million YT views in just 2 months!

How bout‘ that? Ready to learn more? Here are some of our quick questions and his insightful answer below: 

Which song is the most requested/wanted when you perform?

Honestly? A lot or most of my performances pick “Nadarang” still. Quick fact: Every time I perform it, I always get back to the feeling of how much work and effort I’ve put into it. So, it is always a meaningful performance for me.

What can you say (How do you feel) about the virality of your songs? Even to a point where even DJ’s use it on their mash-up tracks?

It’s surreal. I am very happy, I mean to see younger kids sing to my music, is just insane! To have Pinoys appreciate OPM now is just crazy, it is inspiring me to do more and become better.

IN the next 5 to 10 years, how do you see yourself, or rather what do you want to achieve?

Possibly, I want for my music to be more in-tune with their daily lives. I want people to relate to it more and to help them get through their daily struggles.


I’m very much grateful to all of my followers and fans. Let’s continue to keep on making OPM proud. More collaborations and team-ups, just keep on following and we won’t disappoint. Keep the faith, peace, and love to everyone!

Here’s the video interview during the Castaway Festival. Check it out: