With our current technology that lets us create and curate content, from paintings to music, there are a huge current influx of electronic producers, and DJ’s. Some might even call them “bedroom or laptop musicians” who produce wonderful music in their own rooms—It’s no wonder that the electronic scene had become saturated and populated.

I’ve been listening to a couple, from lo-fi, vaporwave, dance music and  “japanese-electro-pop” [I don’t really know if that’s a thing or not, but meh, who cares? It sounds like it.] Producers and DJ’s,  yes, you can differentiate them into groups, but personally while I  listen to them, one particular producer stands out.  Electronic Producer “James Ussher”.

He is known to be a part of the known underground “Buwan-buwan Collective” and “No-Face Records”, this guy has more than enough skill on up his sleeve.

UDOU had a chance to talk with this gent and we got to know what’s happening inside that creative brain of his. 

[PROTIP: Stick until the end of the article for a special surprise from James Ussher, just for you guys. You should be grateful, you motherfuckers.]


Among other names you could’ve chosen, why James Ussher? Is there some kind of wordplay inside or is it a personal one?

James Ussher:

          Simply put, it’s the other half of my first name and my dad’s surname. No folklore here.


Why did you choose to produce electronic music as your medium of expression?

James Ussher:

I guess during that time it was less of an active choice and more of circumstances coming together — I used to play in a band about a decade ago and was very enthusiastic about exploring genres and styles, so when the band split, I wasn’t gonna let being on my own stop me from experimentation. That was also around the same time when electronic dance music was having a resurgence and I knew I’d learn a lot from heading toward that scene so I jumped in that wave.


So, what’s in that medium [music] that other mediums doesn’t have?

James Ussher:

I don’t think you can actually put a premium on a certain medium or another I mean music to me like all others is another way to express.

He also produces sound-designs and film soundtracks like the one he did for a short film entitled “Kumpas” on the side.

and also does iPad remixes for when he has nothing to do:


If that’s the case, then how do you define or describe your sound?

James Ussher:

For years I’ve always had the difficulty of answering that because the music making process just keeps evolving every single time I work on a certain song; it’s part-human expression, part-machine randomization, part-music history, part-academic study — perhaps a sample from a subgenre, perhaps I’d like to test some music theories, maybe apply a sound I just happened to remember for no apparent reason. While sure, it’s electronic and it can actually fit a couple of descriptions, to me it’s organized chaos.

Among other things, this guy truly have enough skill to show for it. From collaborating with Pure Mind Quiet Heart’s quirky-food raps,

to remixing and combing two completely different songs like Franco’s “Tetrahydrochloridedub” and Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc,.”

to Flipping Bullet Dumas’ “Galit” a folk-powered anthem into a multi-genre electronic banger.

James Ussher is truly an extraordinary musician we should all listen to.

Listen to him here:


And hey, since you’re also here you could check out a secret track he’s brewing just for us. Give it a listen here: