We recently got in touch and hanged with the DJ TRIO, BANGHOUS3  on their studio, and let me tell you just now, it was one hell of a night.

BANGHOUS3 is a Fil-Persian DJ trio consisting of Sasan Maher, Shayan Anvarpour and Daryoush Zandi, all with the heart and passion for spinning, each with their own style and genre. Formed in 2008. They are known for creating an enigmatic vibe whenever they play on stage. Their unbelievable energy is something that definitely no other can emulate; kinda reminds me of the Katayanagi Twins in Scott Pilgrim (a great film btw) who conjures dragons and energy creatures with their every musical strokes.

Sasan’s love for progressive house and trap music.
Shayan’s passion for house and deep house.
Daryoush’s enthusiasm for EDM and hiphop.

The trio spoke on how they started out as a DJ—three friends who met in Futsal, and developed an affinity for music that then evolved as the rest are history. Now, they are known to be play at every major Music Festivals in the country with Castaway and Chroma Festivals under their belt.

The night was long and we talked about a lot of things, mostly about their beginnings and their current plans. As much as I want to spoil it to you, I advise you to just watch the video below.

Watch the video here: