Autotelic and Ebe Dancel are featured in this week’s episode of Coke Studio PH. With this collaboration, Autotelic proudly admits that Sugarfree greatly influences their music while Ebe learns a thing or two from the younger band.

Ebe Dancel X Autotelic

Former Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel went solo in January 2011. He even went as far as to apologizing for breaking the hearts of Sugarfree’s fans, but he definitely felt the need to go his own way. Ebe’s released two albums since his departure, “Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-Ibig” and “Bawat Daan”. His tracks seem to be a favorite for movie and TV soundtracks; the historical and successful film “Heneral Luna” picked “Hanggang Wala Nang Bukas” as the theme song, and ABS-CBN’s primetime show “Ang Probinsyano” features a title track from Ebe and rapper Gloc-9.

In this modern age, we consider Autotelic to be one of the country’s best local acts. Their fusion of indie, electronic, and rock opened the minds of many listeners to the fluidity of music. This creative bunch released their solo album “Papunta Pabalik” last year, garnering four Awit Award nominations. Even with the success they’ve been rightfully receiving, they remain down-to-earth, humble, and persistent with their music.

“Bawat Daan”

Considered by Autotelic as one of Ebe’s most heartfelt songs, “Bawat Daan” was written about life. To expand, life’s funny way of bringing you in zig-zags but still moving you to where you really need to be. The band felt the pressure of doing the song justice, but both Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan knew that they had completely owned the song.


During one of Josh’s car rides home with a friend, their conversation turned into brutally honest rants. The exchange prompted his friend to admit that he/she just wanted a reason from this particular person before he/she lets go. From that, Josh went on to write “Dahilan”. The track reminded Ebe of Sugarfree’s early sound, urging him to cover it. Raymund and Ebe joined in, turning it into something of a Cambio mini-reunion.


Both Autotelic and Ebe’s strengths land on songwriting. The similarity includes their use of sad lyricism on top of a happy, upbeat tune. For their original collaboration, they wanted to try something a little bit more different. Ebe let the band take the lead but he was also able to work with Josh Villena’s lyrics; they made the song sound like one, long-time act instead of two.

One of bahagi’s English translations mean sharing—Ebe and Autotelic shared their worlds with each other, and they shared that world with us.

Ebe Dancel has tried time and time again to walk away from music, but he simply can’t. He’s been in the industry for so long but not because he wants his name to be on a plaque, he wants the future generation to hear his songs and understand the meaning behind it. As Autotelic’s rise to the top continues, we hope that collaborations of this kind continue outside of Coke Studio PH.