Do you recognize these Kpop LEGENDS coming back this 2020?

If you know who they are, you qualify for a senior citizen’s identification.

Just kidding, but seriously though, 2020 is serving us not only a bomb Rain comeback but a Lee Hyori one as well?? This seriously feels like going back in their time!

Though these are not official comebacks, veteran singer/actor Rain and OG female kpop solo act, Lee Hyori pair up with younger kpop acts to produce these bomb af tracks.

Rain paired up with ZICO on his summer bop, “Summer Hate” released July 1,2020 appearing as well in the comical music video which came out on the same day.


30 days later and we see Hyori shaking her ass alongside kpop baddie, Jessi for the MV of Jessi’s song Nuna which Hyori also lent a few minutes of backing vocals to at the latter part. We urge you to watch the video and absorb all that sumptuous gurrl power!


Both drops have created waves on online video sharing app, TikTok, sparking individual viral dance challenges, with thousands of the entries’ captions all about reliving their old kpop stan selves dancing right next to their legendary idols. Just goes to show how powerful these legends really are!

Personally, as a lola kpop fan, I literally heaved a sigh of relief knowing that my OG idols, from when I was a fan in the early 2000s, are still out there kicking it and are looking damn fine too! Can you believe the audacity of Rain being 38 years old and Hyori being 41 and looking that good?! It’s just unreal.


Although news hasn’t quite spread as quickly in the Philippines yet, apparently these two, Hyori and Rain, have teamed up with veteran comedian Yoo Jae Suk and formed a co-ed pop trio who go by the name “SSAK3”. Formed in the latter’s current show “How Do You Play?”, the trio has decided to promote as a formal group, dropping their first release on July 18, 2020 with the song “Beach Again” truly reminiscent of the 90s sound I actually felt like I was in an episode of Lovers in Paris!


Staying true to the meaning of “SSAK3” which in korean is similar to the term for “sweeping” as they swept the kpop charts for 3 straight weeks. I mean, when two kpop gods came down to bless us with a collab, how could we not stan?

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What were your fave songs by these two legendary idols?

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