Marc Marasigan has released his new “#WTF Wobble Trap Future” mixtape on mixcloud. The Top DJ and lawyer included some of today’s latest hits in the new Wobblestep Mixtape.

The “#WTF Wobble Trap Future” mixtape runs for a total of 1 hour and 4 minutes. It’s perfect to play at a party or if you simply just want to enjoy the wobbling alone with your headphones on. 

What I Like

Nero’s “Promises” is a strong intro track for Marc Marasigan’s #WTF mixtape. Every track has wobbles and the trap remixes were actually nice. I am not a huge fan but it was nice to tickle the ears with wobbles.

There are some tracks that surprised me when I heard them come on. One of which is the “Mr. Brightside” remix at the end part. Another is a remix of Kamikaze ft. Kyla’s “Huling Sayaw” by Muffin, who happens to be a Filipino as well.

Marasigan also included a track from another fellow Filipino DJ Matthiaos which is “On My Own.” More power for pinoy EDM! 

What I Don’t Like

While I do enjoy wobblestep, I prefer brostep more. Listening to all wobblestep tracks in an hour can get old for me. If you do enjoy wobblestep, then Marasigan’s #WTF is the mixtape for you.

Favorite Tracks

My personal favorite would be the “That’s What I Like” remix. I am a big fan of Bruno Mars and I appreciate that one of his new tracks was included in Marasigan’s #WTF mixtape. 

“Mr Brightside” was also a pleasant surprise. Who could resist singing the first verse of the timeless song? Comin’ out my cage and I’ve been doing just fine.

You can catch more of DJ Marc Marasigan at his regular gigs at URBN, HyVE and Relik. Stay tuned for his future releases!

Photo used is from DJ Marc Marasigan’s Facebook page.