Dive into the fresh tunes of Love Da Records!

Check out this wide variety of new music from the home of indie artists, Love Da Records.

Looks like Asian record labels are currently slating global stardom through serving genuine masterpieces! To tell you, we have discovered one Hong Kong-based record label that caters worldwide quality music and they are called Love Da Records

Founded in 1998, Love Da Records is established and known as being one of the largest indie music digital and physical CD/Vinyl distributors in Southeast Asia. What’s more, they supply music from over 150 independent music labels of PIAS/Coop, Warp, Ninja Tunes, Sub Pop, !K7, Kitsuné, Om Records, Infectious, and Ministry of Sounds. A bunch of great labels, right?

Along with us, let’s listen to a handful of tracks from Love Da Records! In case you haven’t given them a listen yet, let’s jam with their offered tracks and dive into these masterpieces!


Foxes a.k.a Louisa Rose Allen shares her new melancholic anthem, ‘Friends in the Corner‘. Additionally, the said track is the third single she released since returning from a game-changing three-year hiatus. It narrates the fragility and hidden nature of mental health, and the vulnerability we should embrace as we get older.

“It was a weekend away with a close group of friends andI considered them to be strong and together, but for some reason at that time they all showed a vulnerable side I’dnever seen before. It might have been the age we were at, but everyone’s hidden struggles came to the forefront andit made me realise the older we get sometimes the morefragile we become. It really hit home that we shouldn’t take each other for granted and we’ve really got to look out for our friends. It’s becoming more and more apparent that weall suffer from mental health issues on some level and at different times inour lives. There really shouldn’t be anystigma around this anymore. We’re all in it together.”- Foxes



With over 12 studio albums since their 1996 debut, Beautiful Freak, the alternative rock band unveiled a surprise to their fans with a new single, ‘Baby Let’s Make It Real’.  This marks the first new music since EELS’ 2018 album, ‘The Deconstruction’.

This gives us a taste of a return to their rock sound. Showcasing some electric guitar fills, this track also adds a bit of a chamber pop element, which is actually another genre of Eels have recorded for quite some time. Moreover, this song was recorded in Eels’ local Los Feliz, California recording studio.

“How ‘bout a new song to get your mind off your troubles for 3 minutes and 55seconds? Play it again if you want to double that time.”- Mark Oliver Everett a.k.a. E

Adrianne Lenker

After announcing his upcoming two albums, ‘songs and instrumentals’, Adrianne Lenker officially released his new track ‘anything‘. This one offered us a look into Lenker’s introspective and quietly magical catalog.

‘Anything’ flaunts Lenker’s magnetic voice that imbues a flurry of memories and beautiful imagery a usual Christmas eve. To tell you, it’s a deep and unflinching love song. Relate much? Maybe you can jam with it below!

“I was basically lying in the dirt half the time. We went with the flow. A lot of the focus was on getting nourishment from our meals. We cooked directly on the woodstove, and we went on walks to the creek every day to bathe. I’m grateful that this music has come into existence. These songs have helped me heal. I hope that at least in some small way this music can be a friend to you.”- Adrriane

Marina Kaye

Following the release of her powerful and haunting track ‘The Whole 9’, French dark-pop queen Marina Kaye returns with her new single ‘Double Life’. The French singer-songwriter wrote and recorded the track in London with Jessica Agombar and David Stewart, the duet who produced and co-wrote ‘BTS’ record-breaking brand new track ‘Dynamite’, and Eyelar (Charlie XCX, Little Mix,Demi Lovato).

Diving a little more, ‘Double Life’ perfectly features her captivating vocals that underpins electro-pop and R&B influenced melodies. Oh What’s more, it embraces also a metaphorical patterned verses that portrays the question of leading two separate and very different lives.

“Double life is about everyone in life. We all have that side we can’tshow anyone. I wrote the song next to a Jack The Ripper museum andI thought it was funny to write aboutbeing someone during the day and someone else during the night”- Marina Kaye

To compliment her track, watch also its animated lyric video below!


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