What’s better than playing along with your favorite band’s tunes? Playing it with their signature instrument.

From Matthew Bellamy of Muse, to Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers to Dave Grohl‘s iconic blue Gibson guitar, an instrument with your own name on it means you’ve made it somehow as a musician.

And it’s about time for alternative rock band Sandwich to have their own!

Presenting The Dayglo, The Raygun and The T-Rex, proudly crafted by one of our own, D&D Custom Guitars.

Rock With Style

If you have ever watched Sandwich live (if you haven’t please do), their energy is always at the top. From Diego Castillo to Mong Alcaraz and of course, Raimund Marasigan. So it’s really fitting to have guitars named after them.

Check them out below:


First off is Diego’s The Dayglo. Its pale blue color and Jaguar like design would surely catch attention, add some head bangin’ moves and you’re good. You can get this guitar for only Php 8,700.00.


Raims‘ guitar is simple yet classy. I really dig the vintage style of the guitar head that gives off a more elegant look. Own this for only Php 9,825.00.


This one’s the deal breaker! Mong’s The T-Trex sports a dark wood finish with an added lightning design on the body. That’s not all though, check out the Bigsby Style bridge and the spine on the back of the neck! I even want one of this for myself. Get this bad boy for Php 11, 325.00.

D&D x Sandwich Launch

Suddenly acquired GAS? You can score these guitars for less 10% on its official launch on October 7 at NOVA Gallery Manila! And if it isn’t enough, gig bags would also come with every purchase and of course, you’ll get to watch Sandwich.

You could also have your guitar set-up for free c/o The D&D Custom & Repair Shop, for every purchase of The Dayglo, The Raygun and The T-Rex.

Will you be getting one? Which of these three do you like best? Share us your thoughts below!