Artwork by Jay Lloren!

Alright! Before I get started here’s the perfect intro song for all you readers!

I learned about the Rehearsals EP when Curtismith dropped it “randomly” over Soundcloud (he released the EP prior to the actual release for his fans to listen to and took it down after 24 hours), and by just hearing the first track (Waves), it reminded me of Snarky Puppy’s Family Dinner! (Shout out to Miguel Jimenez, Executive Producer, who actually confirmed that one of the inspirations behind the EP was, indeed, Snarky Puppy).  I love that Curtismith and his team have tapped into their Jazz, Soul, and R&B influences to be incorporated with his storytelling.

And then Hornz comes in! I was reminded of a chismis a friend has told me way before the news about the EP broke out – that Curtismith’s album was recorded live in a living room. I’d definitely pay to be in a room with those hornz!

But the third track (Philo), I believe, is the best track of this EP! It got me grooving, like, that’s it. I love this EP! Also, this track has the most plays on Soundcloud out of the rest of the tracks (probably ‘cause of me).

Listen to the entire Rehearsals EP here!

The Unconventional

Kudos to Stages Sessions and, of course, Curtismith for the EP! This, definitely, is a game- changer. Rehearsals EP is a 5- track album, recorded by a 10-piece band which is, by the way, such a great change of scene and such a unique musical experience. Curtismith is easily becoming one of the front-runners in the Philippine’s hiphop scene. You can “@” us on this!

Dropping two EPs at a time – “Rehearsals EP” where he definitely showed us he could perform with a live band, and “Soully, Yours EP” which is “made for his new fans”, says Miguel Jimenez. The EP actually sounded very similar to his first EP, “Ideal”.

Give “Soully, Yours” a listen, here!

The Realest

Stages Sessions gives artists the opportunity to be the mastermind of their own shows by encouraging artists to do what they’ve always wanted to do. Moreover, they greatly value artists’ authenticity, sincerity, and, what they call “unscripted-ness”, and we are all for it!

We have more exclusives from Stages Sessions’ The Gig Circuit coming soon including an interview with their very own Executive Creative Director – Miguel Jimenez. Watch out for that!

Rehearsal EP has got to be an amazing live experience and we really hope we can witness this in our local scene. (Please make it happen, Stages Sessions!)

PS. We have more chismis about Rehearsals EP… but we’ll save it for next time. But we’ll definitely want to see more of these sessions 😉