Having been a mainstay in the electronic music scene for more than a decade, DJ X-Factor is a man whose musical vision knows no equal. By choosing his own path to success through producing music, he has the carved out a signature sound that’s known and loved across the Philippines. And with the addition of Victor Pring – a brilliant young artist to the mix, greater lengths and a whole deeper sound has shone through.

3 solid years

“It has been almost 3 years, but it feels like it has been just a day since we started – Vic” , a nostalgic commentary from Victor Pring himself when asked about what it felt like to work with Jojit Mangubat aka DJ X-Factor. Their combined love with deeper sound lengths as they added new musical mixes flourished as their partnership grew. From raving clubs, to tours inside the Metro to the whole of the country. The duo has continuously dropped bombshells all over their gigs from North to South to even the farthest rave parties in the country.

Harboring known favorites such as EDM, Trap. Twerk, Electro, Bigroom & Melbourne Bounce as well as his own fresh XFactor Edit Remix into the loop shows how well his take on many different forms of music really is. Additionally, both are frequent collaborators and performers for the top Clubs and Festivals all over the nation. Their partnership struck up an amazing friendship that is likened to brothers after their accidental first work together, which has evidently paid off big time with every ensuing link-up.

More to go

The dynamic duo is just warming-up. With more tracks and surprises up their sleeve in the next coming months, we are sure to be treated to a longer more sublime storyline. With two natural talented craftsmen of hype and entertainment, both Victor Pring and DJ X-Factor is a true force to be reckoned with. With their weekly ensemble of Core Hug Tuesdays, which has set Tuesdays unlike the usual boring ones we are used to along with Afterhours one Thursday a month, these two have a ton going on for them. So, do check them out and their magnanimous set this coming June 9, 2018 at the University of Perpetual Help (Molino Campus) as they bring the heat up for Summer Sky Music Festival. 

Check their video out below: (A Day in the Life of X-Factor & Victor Pring)