BTS News Update: From International to Celestial

We Will Soon See BTS Songs In Space This Coming 2024!

Recently, NASA on its return voyage to space launched a project called #NASAMoonTunes in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. They have asked for submissions on what particular tunes can be added to their playlist going to the Moon!

The said songs will be included in their 6-day voyage to the moon this coming 2024 and with the immense prowess of the international fandom of BTS it is of no surprise that we see BTS’ tunes on top of the requested list!

The Three Songs Selected

After careful selection, NASA finally shared the tunes and guess what?! Topping the list are BTS‘s “Mikrokosmos” , “134340”, and RM‘s “Moonchild”. (It really isn’t ALL that surprising, but still way to go ARMY’s!)

1. “Mikrokosmos” is BTS’ ode to the human world being a smaller version (or “microcosm”) of the universe at large (or “macrocosm”).  Not familiar? Check out the MV below: 


My favourite  verse: 

One history in one person / One star in one person / Shining with 7 billion lights / 7 billion worlds / The night view of seven billion living cities / Maybe another night in the city / Let’s shine / You shine brighter than anyone / How beautiful this night looks is so beautiful again / That darkness is not moonlight, it’s us

BTS is obviously spreading the message of wholeness and self-realization and having this in space makes it all the more stellar than it already is!

2. “14340” represents the asteroid number assigned to former-planet Pluto; the lyrics is also representative of how Pluto lost its’ status as a planet; BTS did a clever manipulation of the lyrics to showcase a very raw and emotional platitude for those who lost their “planets”.


3. RM’s solo song “Moonchild” is pretty straightforward.  RM talks to “moon children” who can’t embrace the warmth of the sunlight, and as the song progresses we see that “they” eventually embrace their flaws and pain as they fully blossomed in the moonlight.


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