ANOTHER ONE—Long Island alternative rock band Brand New has cancelled their upcoming shows in the United Kingdom (UK) after sexual misconduct allegations against lead singer Jesse Lacey surfaced. Even after releasing a statement regarding the allegations, he’s not off the hook.

The Allegations

After Ducktails/Real Estate Matt Mondanile’s disgusting behavior became public just a few weeks ago, more people have began to speak out about the sexual harassment they experience in the music industry. Brian K. Diaz, a guitar tech who had toured with the band, created a now-deleted Facebook thread about the issue of Lacey’s inappropriate behavior and invited others to share their stories as well. That was when Nicole Elizabeth Garey spit the ugly truth: Lacey solicited nudes from her over a decade ago when she was 15 and he was 24, and he masturbated in front of her via Skype while continuing his emotional manipulation for years.

He quickly wrote a response and posted it a day after on the band’s official Facebook page. A majority of the comments didn’t take his statement lightly, with only a select few empathizing on his behalf. However, he never specifically issues an apology to Garey, mention the fact that she was underaged, or even use her name anywhere in the seven paragraphs.

An Early Finish?

Less than 24 hours after Diaz’s Facebook thread, indie rock band Martha announced that they are no longer joining Brand New to open for their UK tour. The band tweeted, “We have decided to pull out of the brand new shows. Support survivors always.” in solidarity with Garey. Kevin Devine, a friend of Brand New’s, also backed out of his select UK tours with the band and hopes that his friend “continues to do what he needs to do to get & be better.”

In light of the allegations, Brand New has decided to postpone their upcoming UK shows. This puts their plans to permanently disband when 2018 year ends to a halt; after the truth about Lacey’s action has surfaced, this could be the end of Brand New forever.

Featured image from Anthony Diaz on Flickr