BP Valenzuela is on a roll! She released “cards“, a demo with CRWN, announced the date for her next full length album, and this weekend drops a new music video – “bbgirl” is a single from her upcoming album, “Crydancer”.

Both songs have a nice chill vibe. They’re good for listening on rainy days, or on long drives. BP wrote the lyrics to cards last year, and collaborated with her good friend CRWN on the beat. The final version will be on crydancer. I personally really love this demo because the lyrics are simple yet really deep and relatable.

“bbygirl” was such a delight to watch! The colors and aesthetic of the video are so relaxing. It felt like I was watching a lesbian indie film, and I loved every minute of it. The song is an earworm, but one you won’t get sick of. It’s just such a fantastic piece of music. And can we just talk about how happy BP looks in the music video? It’s such a stark contrast to her other music video, “Steady”.

Come to to think of it, the bbgirl MV looks like a sequel to Steady!

It’s inspiring to see BP be more vocal about her sexuality in her music. She’s mentioned in social media that she’s gay, but bbygirl takes her openness to a new level. I hope this inspires other young LGBT artists to keep being themselves, and to keep doing what they love.

If you’re like me and can’t wait for more content from BP, then head on over to Vinculados. It’s a musical event to be held at DLS-CSB’s SDA Theater on March 4. Your fave indie musicians like Ang Bandang Shirley, SimilarObjects, Space Onigiri, Wilderness, Chocolate Grass, Manila Magic, and of course, BP Valenzuela, will be performing songs in Spanish. The entrance is free, so really there’s nothing holding you back from coming to this gig.

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