BP Valenzuela and Sandwich graced us with their collaboration for this week’s episode of Coke Studio PH.

The Meet-Up

Nearly everyone part of Generation Y either listen or know of BP Valenzuela. She started with her “be/ep” debut in 2014 and continued on to her debut album, “The Neon Hour” a year later. Her rising career includes major stints at Fête dela Musique Philippines, Wanderland Music and Arts Festival, Goodvybes Festival, and Bandwagon Riverboat Festival. BP’s sophomore album “Crydancer” is currently out on SoundCloud.

For this episode, Raymund Marasigan steps down from his producer duties to join his band Sandwich. After Marc Abaya of Kjwan left the band, Raymund took over lead vocal duties. Sandwich has released eight studio albums since their inception in 1998, the last being “Debris” in 2015.

BP admittedly freaked out when she found out she would be paired up with Sandwich, but her sense of professionalism reminded her to internalize the fangirl in her. This collaboration provided an opportunity for both artists to do something out of their comfort zone; as a solo artist, BP incorporates machines while Sandwich uses heavy guitars.

“Even If You Asked Me”

“Even If You Asked Me”, a song written by BP, talks about the transition of having a person so close to you turn into a stranger. The song’s motif and melody really attracted the band, prompting them to choose it as their cover. BP explains that she changes chords according to feeling because “the theory supports the feeling.” At that point, the band knew they just got schooled.

“2 Trick Pony”

Highly regarded as an earworm, BP chose “2 Trick Pony” from the band’s 2008 album “<S> Marks the Spot”. Their inspiration came from the movie “24 Hour Party People”, a British comedy-drama that narrates Manchester’s punk rock era of the 1970s to the “Madchester” scene of the early 1990s. BP recruited a few friends to back her up and transform the song into something more of their flavor.


Their collaboration fell together from the very beginning. It stemmed from a riff brought up by guitarist Mong Alcaraz. As they slowed down the tempo, BP came up with a “weird” idea—a love triangle between two girls and a guy, but the third girl is actually into the girlfriend.

Tagged as “an unconventional love song” by fellow guitarist Diego Castillo, BP chooses to use her platform to shine light on the LGBT community. She feels like there’s not a lot of representation (even with her inclusion in the community) in the local music industry because people are afraid. Her platform gives a voice to the community and someone who’s aware of the number of her listeners, she knows better than to waste that opportunity.