Beyonce & Jay-Z drops their long-rumored album, Everything is Love

Art done by Angela Arcega

The most powerful couple in the music industry aka Beyoncé and JAY-Z just dropped their long-rumored joint album, Everything Is Love, as The Carters last Sunday and it didn’t disappoint. From Lemonade to 4:44 to Everything Is Love, the couple has taken us through a stylistic and heavy narration of their marriage. Some would go as far as to say that it is a series in its own right.

Universally themed as a couple trilogy of their ups and downs, this album tells us that love and marriage are two different factions of a whole and that is not easy. It is a bond between two different personas, and all throughout, it will be tested. But, if both will persevere and work hard on it: the reward for surviving those turbulent moments is a stronger union that is a rarity nowadays.

Every couple has gone through meddlesome times. But, precariously enough not every couple is the reigning Queen of Pop and the elder King of Rap. What do I mean? these two, amongst all other music icons and couples out there, are a real standout who isn’t afraid to stick it out through thick and thin, and mind you (these days) that is just rare, or downright non-existent.

The Album


Going back to their album, Everything is Love. The icing on this cake is “APESHIT,” an audacious declaration of their encompassing Love starring Beyoncé in the lead and featuring JAY-Z and Quavo in supporting roles.

“APESHIT” is my very first time to hear Beyoncé’s rap her verses. It is both a scintillating and a hair-raising experience for me.  Hearing Bey’s delivery is flawless: “Poppin’, I’m poppin’/My bitches are poppin’/We go to the dealer and cop it all/Sippin’ my favorite alcohol/Got me so lit I need Tylenol/All of my people I free ’em all.”

Whether she’s telling everyone that she buys her man expensive stuff or politely telling their detractors to “get off my dick”—over Pharrell’s high-energy 808 and synth production—she is a force to be reckoned with. Always confident and authoritative, and in here with her strong vocals — she showed us who is in control.

Not to derail Jay, but when he chimed in with his homonyms, and zoological references, with shots at the Grammys and the NFL, it’s a real show stopper that doesn’t really aim to steal the show, but is used to set the stage for his wife as he shows off how talented she is by hyping up his wife.

So, I guess. Yes,  “APESHIT” is a jaw-dropping “banger” of trap that coincidentally tells a story of a wealthy couple celebrating their success and status. But, mind you it is not just that —  it is also a celebration of enduring love, black love, and black excellence. Celebration as seen here is a therapeutic form of marriage counseling, and we are just so privileged to get a glimpse of the back story in the power couple’s real life story as told by them and not the paparazzi.

Closer Look

Everything Is Love is spread across nine tracks, it clocks in at just under 40 minutes. The album is a loud creation that is both puffed up but never  obnoxious in its descent as the chosen narrative of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s years-long saga of woe and redemption.

It is an equation of the moment personified in an album —one that slyly speaks to the redemptionary journey these two music moguls has undertaken in both their marriage and their career in the industry. A creative telling of sorts that is both impudently beautiful and bitter at the same time, depending on how you interpret it.

All I can say is — I need more.

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