The whole world is at a standstill with the introduction of the digital platforms that is but growing each day, it becomes increasingly easy for new music to be made and shared with millions.

More and more artists are emerging into the scene as each day passes. This makes it so easy to get lost in a variety of mash-ups and beats, and more often than not, “real” music that digs deep into your heart gets thwarted out.

That being said, recently I was able to get an exclusive chat with the hailed top EDM artists in the Philippines.  I knew that this will be a very enriching experience for me and our readers. Just as I do before any interviews, I scroll through the artist’s catalog and listen to some tracks to get a feel for who they are as an artist. At this point, I was ready for some one on one with the powerhouse trio.

DJ Ace Ramos

Hailed as the number one DJ in the Philippines with over 2 time Club DJ of the Year awards. DJ Ace Ramos is a top-billing mainstay of the Philippines’ biggest music festivals. He is considered to be one of the #bestinthebusiness.

Why become a DJ?

Coming from a musical family, he already knew he wanted to be a DJ. What follows is a story of dedication, as he took an opportunity to connect and ultimately play and be hailed as one of the premier DJ’s through Chris Styles.

dedication, a knack for connecting with people, an uncanny ability to communicate to the audience, and ultimately, success. It’s a story Ace aims to share and bring to the floor wherever he goes, and that has made him a pillar and pioneer in the music scene.

Who are your top influencers?

“There’s like a ton but to name a few I’d say, DJ MOD, Shortkut, Chris Styles, Elmer Dado, Bombie Balquiedra, Angelo de Dios for teaching me how to play House Music, Rocky but the main influence would definitely be MOD. But I just wanted to express my appreciation to Chris Styles for giving me my break.”

How does it feel to be hailed the number 1 DJ in the Philippines?

“Well, to be honest, we never really claim that title, I mean there’s a lot of skilled Dj’s and Mc’s out there. So basically, we are just so thankful to God and to our family friends and to our supporters for saying that we are.”

MC Pao

Three-time Hypeman of the year awardee MC Pao is also known to be the Head Resident MC at The Palace Manila. Known for his undiluted energy and monstrous voice. MC Pao is the tag duo of DJ Ace Ramos.

Why this scene?

“I chose this scene because I’ve always  loved entertaining people and when I see that I’m making people happy, it’s just priceless.”

What drives you/inspiration?

“Well, let’s just say that the mere fact of someone coming right at you after you finish your set and tells you that it was a great show or that they enjoyed because of you is already a big thing in itself. It is my main inspiration, to keep the crowd going and to make sure that everyone has a good time.”

How does it feel to be hailed the number 1 in the Philippines?

“For me, I guess, like Ace, we never claimed it. But I guess what I can say is that if we can become the best at what we do then definitely all aspirants out there can also be the best.”

Victor Pring

 Possibly one of the youngest most sought-after Hypeman out there, we introduce our very own Victor Pring. With only over 3 years of working experience in the industry, the 22-year-old MC is a gift given to the night scene, with his impeccable style and uncanny ability to hype any type of crowd, it is a no-brainer that he got to play and join as one of the mainstays  in most top music festivals in the country.

Why this scene?

“Music has brought us to many places, it has given us a lot of experiences that most people can only dream of. Music is our life, Music is the way of how we do things.”

What drives you/inspiration?

“My main inspiration is those people who have been there rooting for me since day one, I mean I was a nobody but because of them who kept on pushing and believing in me and what I can do, I am here. They gave me a chance and I am definitely taking and making use of it.”

How does it feel to be hailed one of the top artists in the Philippines?

“I guess, I’m just thankful, I mean I get to share the same stage with the best of the best Dj’s, Mc’s and artists not just in the Philippines but in Asia. So that’s definitely something. I always recognize and thank God for the talent, opportunities, and blessings that he has given, without Him, none of this would have happened.”

It is truly inspiring to see a group of talented artists come together for an evening of fun and entertainment. For the rest of 2018 I will be waiting on pins and needles for any word of the new festivals/events that these artists have in store for us  If I could take one thing away from this night it would be this: After roughly two decades worth of wisdom and experience in the scene, the duo continues to push the envelope for creativity and innovation in their music. While the not so newcomer Victor Pring is not so far behind and is clearly a homegrown act that has longevity and greatness in store for him in the coming years.  They all prove that they have got what it takes to stay.