DJ Katsy Lee, one of the much sought-after household names in the Philippine DJ scene did not get to be one of the leading Female DJ artists’ in a snap.

She got to where she is now by working hard and by letting her passion drive her. Katsy Lee has always loved electronic dance music for as long as she can remember. She was formally introduced to behind the deck in 2006 and has continued to learn until her debut during the SPIN Time DJ Competition where she placed first.

Her placing first did stop her from bettering herself as she continued to follow in the footsteps of her mentors when she took home the 1st place at Pioneer Philippines Digital DJ Battle. She was the youngest and the first ever female winner.

DJ Katsy Lee

“I hope no longer to measure life by it being ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than yesterday, nor tomorrow than today. Such things are, in the end, unquantifiable by external circumstance, leaving us to go through life free and relentless in the pursuit of — we realize — the eternal possibility of a collectively wonderful life.  Keep living your story. 🚀 ” – Katsy Lee

Why become a DJ?

I chose to become a DJ after realizing that aside from dancing, writing album reviews and blogging about music I could express it further by spinning.

I remember…winning the Pioneer Philippines Digital DJ Battle some years ago, this actually made me realize that I really wanted to try and do this full-time.

Who are your influences?

My main influencers in this country are our veteran DJs and my colleagues. I’m lucky enough to be around them and being around their energy just amazes me and inspires me to keep on working hard. They’re simply the best!

What is your biggest challenge as a female DJ?

Being a female DJ has its pros and cons. But I guess one challenge here is how to get out of that female DJ stereotype and the other thing I guess is to show that we are all just one and the same, as humans. I hope we can find a way not to distinguish between genders and be known simply as artists, as DJs.

Whether we are male or female, I guess we can use each of our own advantages to further our passion and our career. Use it wisely for the common good of pursuing what we love.

And there we have one of Afterparty’s loved DJ’s, catch more of her in her upcoming scheduled shows! DJ Katsy Lee, not just another pretty face but an artist worth emulating.

Check the complete interview video below at the Castaway Music Festival 2018!