Bahay Beats 101: An Introduction to uDOu’s New Segment

uDOu Bahay Beats - New Segment

It is finally here! #BahayBeats, uDOu’s newest segment is out!

We all know that this pandemic has brought upon so much stress and well uh tragedies, may it be in our economy, health & education sector; what’s worst is that more & more are slowly feeling the unbreakable spell brought upon by this “new normal”, and WE here at uDOu get it. Oh boy, do we ever!

Thankfully, out of all the crazy that has happened, there is that one constant thing that remained. Music! And we are so grateful to be a part of the community which continually promotes good music!

So we thought. time to take it to the next level! Let us feature songs that we truly love in a new and creative way and poof! (Just like Kokocrunch) – Bahay Beats was born! Inspired by The Tonight Show’s music segment, we thought, why don’t we bring that and add in a creative twist?


Bahay Beats not only aims to feature new songs to the community but also do it in a never before seen way! And so, we created the segment through a creative lens! We got to collaborate and partner with amazing OPM artists’ and they were willing enough to launch this crazy thing with us!

Catch the trailer below:


The Challenge

So what is the challenge? Simple (or is it?)

We asked the artists’ to perform the song using household items as their main instruments! Easy enough right? (Not really!)

I mean, I certainly could never pull this off! (Honest!) And I think, this is why this is so fun and interesting! In an age where autotune and you know various “enhancements” are being used, almost anyone who has the skills can perform well — but, only a couple would be able to do it using a handful of household items!

The Artists

What would we do if no one stood up to the challenge? Fail of course, LOL! And fail we did not!

Thankfully, a lot of amazing artists stood up to the challenge! First on the list is none other than our own personal favorite – Spongecola! And who wouldn’t recognize one of the real pioneers and OG’s of OPM?

We were so psyched when they accepted our challenge! And what more is they chose one of the very best songs of 2020: “Lumipas Ang Tag-Araw” – a song that traversed into what everyone is feeling right now.

A song, that not only explores the current dilemma we are all facing but also somehow enables us to seek and hope for a better day even though it may seem like we are in an endless void. I mean, there is no sugarcoating it — It has been 8 running 9 months into the lockdown, and honestly, so far there is no concrete end to this “new normal” we are all in.

But hey, at least we know that we are not alone — that there are people out there who are experiencing the same, and that it is ok; We are going to go through all this together.

Kudos to Spongecola for never failing to light us up with their amazing music! I mean, as a writer- there are no words, Lumipas Ang Tag-Araw truly has helped me see through my darkest times.

Don’t believe me? Watch the very first episode of #BahayBeats below:

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