It pains me to say this, but Atomic Sushi have called it quits. Over the weekend, the four-piece posted an official statement on their Facebook page about the split and the accusations against their lead singer Josh Morente.

Preceding Events

The news follows multiple accounts of sexual misconduct against fellow local bands Jensen and the Flips, MilesExperience, and SUD. Allegations included inappropriate touching, constant messages asking the victim to come to their houses, and even statutory rape. All of the bands involved have released separate statements (let’s be real and not call them apologies because, let’s face it, they weren’t) on their social media pages. Their words, however, seemed a little too late as local productions Vandals on the Wall and Red Ninja Production pulled the bands out of their annual year-ender festivals.

A Messy Relationship

Allegations of Morente’s abusive behavior came from his ex-girlfriend, Twitter user @simeiotic. Her thread included screenshots of their arguments via Facebook Messenger, messages from other people with the same accounts, and messages between Morente and his friends. His behavior dates back to 2013 when he broke up with his then-girlfriend and attempted to expose her for cheating. The tables turned when a message from Morente, sent to one of his friends, showed his true intention of being with the girl.

After all Morente’s badmouthing and attempts at cheating, he tried to turn the allegations around to his ex-girlfriend. In order to save face, he claimed that she agreed to have sex with him the first time and that the second time around came from her end. According to her, the second time never happened and the first time was already forced.

Goodbye, Atomic Sushi

A week after Morente’s behavior came to light, the remaining members of Atomic Sushi posted this statement on their official Facebook page. Their decision to discontinue as a band seems apt, but the heart of many fans of the local scene are broken.

We salute Paolo Bermal, Jorel Borromeo, and Jai Reyes for making the call and hope that they will continue to make music on their separate paths. To the women who continue to come forward with their stories, we stand with you!

Featured image from Atomic Sushi’s Bandcamp