Arcade Fire has released their new “Everything Now” song which was produced with the help of the famous Daft Punk. In addition to producing the track, Daft Punk also gave a hand through the synthesizers.

“Everything Now” is the title track for their new album which was made possible thanks to Daft Punk. Unfortunately, there is still no new tracks from Daft Punk themselves.

Arcade Fire’s new track was released earlier through vinyl on May 31, 2017 at Primavera Sound, according to EDM Sauce.The initial public release of “Everything Now” was on June 1, 2017.

Everything Now Producers

Besides Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, there are also other producers that helped namely Stevey Mackey and Arcade Fire themselves who performed the track. Bangalter provided the synthesizers for “Everything Now” and the rest of the arrangement was from Arcade Fire.

Patrick Bebey also contributed to the track by playing the flute, according to Pitch Fork. The rest of the “Everything Now” album will be out on July 28. Expect to hear more tracks from Arcade Fire.

Even with Daft Punk synthesizers, “Everything Now” does not have the signature EDM vibe. The track is still all Arcade Fire with the synthesizers just quietly humming on the background and during the chorus.

If you were expecting a Daft Punk kind of track like me, you’ll probably be disappointed. Still, “Everything Now” is an overall good track from Arcade Fire.

Favorite Daft Punk Tracks

Here are some of my favorite Daft Punk tracks from all of their albums:

One More Time – I love it from the intro until the end. There is also something when the beat gradually enters and takes over the song.

Harder Better Faster Stronger – This is probably one of the first tracks I heard from Daft Punk. It spawned several parody tracks as well around YouTube.

Girgio by Moroder – Learning Giovanni Giorgio’s history in the intro is a bonus. The whole nine-minute track is enjoyable.

Listen to Arcade Fire’s new track below:

Photo is from Music Festival News