An Ode to Paramore fans: Hayley Williams’ Pure Love Lyric Video

Pure Love Out Now

I’m not crying, you are!

The lyric videos for Hayley’s songs ‘Crystal Clear’, ‘Taken’, and ‘Pure Love’ have just arrived this morning, giving us one really good reason to get up and not lose hope in these dark times.

Of the three fresh releases though, there’s one that really stood out for the singer’s homegrown band Paramore and its fans everywhere: Pure Love.

The lyric video packed as much love as there is a punch in her latest music videos upon going solo, standing mostly through fan-documented After Laughter era concert footage collected for the purpose of this video and the fans absolutely gushed!

How fans reacted

Hundreds of Paramore fans raved about how lucky they were for having their video chosen as part of the official lyric video. But on top of that, fans worldwide are just bawling at how sentimental this video is for them not just because it gave premium to fans more than the typical lyric video, but also because in the time of the pandemic where live events are second to none, this takes us back to the good ole days.

This is especially wistful for concert nuts who just feel recharged, ready for life, feel their chi getting stronger with every concert or music festival they attend. And who better to give us back those feels than some of the greatest performers who ever took to the stage, whose enigmatic pulses reverberated through the crowd creating one heart in every arena.

We all know Hayley as one of the most appreciative (and most genuine at that!) of her fans and this very well shows off more if not most in this one sweet sucker-punch of an Instagram caption. (brb *crying*)

Aside from feeling indebted to fans, another thing which singers often say during the pandemic is how much they want to uplift their fans. That’s also another thing that Paramore or Hayley Williams doesn’t have to say – – we already feel it through this video.

We don’t know what we did to deserve you, Hayley, but we sure are glad you’re alive as I’m sure any fans (like me) are alive through you.

Thank you for your music! Support her by streaming the hell out of her solo album, Petals for Armor, out now on all digital platforms!


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