‘Alon’ Lyric Video Released by Hale

Hale has just released their new single “Alon” with an animated lyric video. Their new song talks about falling down and picking yourself up again.

Fresh from Hale’s musical minds, “Alon” also premiered via radio on September 4, 2017. In addition, the track is now available via Spotify. What’s new is the animated lyric video made by Sindikato Inc, a self-organized group of multimedia artists in the Philippines.

Alon (Wave)

Hale’s “Alon” video starts with an adult man who seems to be generally sad in life. It then shifts into the story of a boy inside a bottle who is literally floating in the middle of the ocean. Of course, there are rough waves that hit him.

Nangangamba, nagtatanong. Hindi alam kung san hahantong (Afraid, asking questions. Don’t know where it will end up)

At some point in our lives, we also experience doubt in our direction. “Alon” reminds us that we need to keep on moving forward. Instead of spinning around in circles, we must revolve around life itself.


Most of Hale’s tracks were love songs, but “Alon” can double as an inspirational song as well. It’s for people who are going through a rough patch. It’s also for people who are doubting themselves.

The song’s core message can also be seen in the lyric video itself. Even if the glass bottle has been shattered and the kid was chased by monsters, he still found a way home.

UDOU PH was lucky enough to witness Champ Lui Pio perform live during the recent Bacardi House Party last April. As always, he blew everyone away. He collaborated with Victor Pring and DJ X-Factor before going full on Hale mode and singing their classic hits.

With “Alon” making waves (pun intended), we can’t help but expect more from Hale with their upcoming album. Are you guys excited as well?

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