Good news for Sugarfree, Sandwich, Urbandub, and Hale fans as their albums are now finally available on Spotify for streaming thanks to PolyEast Records. Yay for more free OPM listening on your phone or desktop.

Fans were surprised to see (or hear) that Sugarfree, Sandwich, Urbandub, and Hale albums were made available on Spotify, the country’s top music streaming service. You can now listen to “Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sakin” for those who are currently moving on.

Hale Discography and US Tour

Hale has had their albums on Spotify for quite a while now. What’s new is the Hale discography which the band also promoted on their social media accounts. Have we mentioned that Champ is a champion (pun intended) at rocking it out with DJ X-Factor and Victor Pring during the recent Bacardi House Party?

Listen to Hale on Spotify through the embedded player below. The band is also going on a tour in the United States with Gloc-9 starting on July 21.

Sandwich and Urbandub Albums Now Available on Spotify

Fans have also seen that six of the most recent Sandwich albums have been added to Spotify’s growing music library. Urbandub also has a discography available now on the music streaming app. See how grateful fans are on Twitter regarding the new additions.

Urbandub Spotify

Ebe Dancel’s Announcement

Interestingly, the news broke out because former Sugarfree vocalist Ebe Dancel posted about it on his social media accounts. He said that many fans have been asking why their albums were not available for streaming a while back. Now, they are on Spotify even though he didn’t have anything to do with it.

PolyEast Records, the label handling Sugarfree, gave the green light a few months back, according to Ebe. The delay might have been because of any additional technical processes the album underwent before uploading to Spotify. PolyEast Records also handle Sandwich, Hale, and Urbandub. You can thank them for the new OPM Spotify releases.

Even though their albums are already on Spotify, the best way to support local bands such as Sugarfree and Hale is to attend their gigs and buy their albums. You can also just buy yourself a Spotify Premium account so you can listen to their sounds offline in the legal way.

Sugarfree albums available include “Dramachine,” “Mornings and Airports,” “Tala-Arawan,” and more. Listen to Sugarfree on Spotify below. Excuse me while I blast “Burnout” on repeat.