After a couple of wins from Respeto (an independent film) in both the national and international stages. Abra decided to take it up a notch with his newest release “Apoy”.

A dark exploratory look into a somewhat personal commentary on a certain someone’s “persona”. Released last June 12, 2018, “Apoy” has already garnered a couple of thousand views (286,833) in total and counting and is already in the top 50 countdown of trending videos in youtube. 

Why don’t we get down to the nitty gritty? Here’s an excerpt from the new song:

Kung wala ka ng apoy umuwi ka nalang boy!
Kung wala kang interes, wala kang interest
ni minsan wala kang sinuggest
Wala kang ininvest
Lahat tiniis kahit nakakainis,
Hugas Kamay na sinasabon palaging nagmamalinis

Puro jeje fication, puta pekeng invasion
yan napapala ng kaka teleserye sa cable.
Elementary Grade One
Oh sya sya bigyan ng barya Sige na kya kya,
Popo poser po lang po ng madalas
Popo poker face pang pronta apat na alas.
Yawa puro pa awa walang sawang palabas.

Tinuring na hulog ng langit.
Nagmistulang satanas
Mani obra sa manible ay nako
Ang lakas magpaandar kahit wex magpatakbo,
wag ka maglalaro ng apoy kung takot masaktan
Kasi pag may gasolina pa yan abo ka nalang.
Wala ka ng Apoy! Wala ka ng Apoy! Wala ka ng Apoy!

Collaboration with Shanti Dope

Another added treat for us is the fact that Shanti Dope, one of today’s leading rap artist is featured on this track. Both of them are passionately engrossed in thwarting whoever’s ego is being thrown into the fire. As enthralling as the well crafted lyric is, I still can’t seem to shake the fact that there’s too much hate into this song.
Violence is seemingly encoded at almost every core of this song, and even if I am amazed at how well crafted and “rhyme-ful”  it is, I am not a fan of how it promotes condescending remarks, may it be someone you’re in odds with. I guess I am not just into a pissing contest.
Music as a form of expression is  much sacred than a simple petty argument about who is better at what. But then again, I might be a real conservative or a purist/elitist as some might claim.
But hey, to each his own right? Just check it out and decide on your own. Video below.