Who is Nyll Acosta? That’s probably the first question on your minds right now — and rightfully so, I would be on the same questioning mark if I wasn’t one of the behind the scenes person too, so here’s why:

The answer has two parts — First is basically since UdoU celebrates artistry and creativity in the music industry and we just thought — what best describes that is to tell the tale of all of the ones who are always dishing out what happened during the inception to the conception of  our much loved artists and events through the eyes of those who are always there to cover it for us. Secondly, is to just give us a bit of a know how of another loved art – Photography.

And we chose Nyll Acosta (Nyll Renmar Acosta) since he has been one of the most sought after photographers in the concert scene in just 2 years of doing so.

First met Nyll during one of the gigs I’ve been on — it was roughly 3 years or so, he was just a hobbyist back then and was not really into doing this professionally.

An Eye for what’s coming

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One of the most difficult things to do (as per photographers) is to capture moving subjects at the height of their movements (jumping, mosh pits, etc.,) real-time; since more often than not you won’t know when performers will be doing it — at the exact moment, this along with the right mix of how your shutter speed is to be blended with the brightness composition to get a picture perfect shot that highlights and captures the exact movement without sacrificing the quality of the image taken.

But, with this dude — he actually can. I don’t know how he does it but he does IT. He is basically the only event photographer I’ve encountered amongst many that captures still images of rockstars and performers and their signature moves as they usually are. It is like looking at the actual action as it is taking place and I tell you — it is way more than a regular still shot of the band in their usual pose. It beats an album cover shot no matter how stylistic it can be — nothing can beat seeing a band/performer in their element.

The man not the equipment

There’s this age old argument over who is to be credited for the look of the photos — if it is because of the equipment or the man himself. And quite honestly, I have a long way to go to specifically give you a detailed explanation on it (I’m not a photographer) but in essence — as per my interviews with other creative professionals, what Nyll uses is almost comparatively not the best device to use for event photography.

But, somehow his shots are nothing short of spectacular — and no, I’m not just saying this. I really do mean it. I’ve been around and known to my creatives as a very picky asshole, I usually micromanage pictorials and criticize bits and pieces as much as I can — and to compare some of them with his works, I am quite frankly in awe of it — his photos are quite breathtaking.

It is not the usual mash-up of photos that you see that’s coupled with countless effects by lenses. It is plainly his own stroke of genius. It tells a unique story and brings you to the event itself. It is as if you’e their watching as it unfolds.

I guess what tells his work apart from the rest is not the fancy equipment — but his desire to tell stories through his work, and if you would check it thoroughly. It is doing just that — he depicts not only the underground music scene here in Manila but has also started to do landscape photography along with portrait shots.

A long way to go

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Admittedly, he has a long way to go, since deciding to do this full time — there’s quite a lot of challenges. One is the most common issue of making money out of it. Since he loves the scene so much — more or less he has done some of it for free. But since he knows that this is what he is strongly passionate about, and that he is aiming to get better at this; to do just that — he needs major upgrades in his equipment, and that means money — serious money.

Along with the lack of editing softwares — yes, softwares. He (if you must know) does not do full edits, some of his shots are raw whilst some are partially edited with the most common presets there is. That means, that whatever he has taken are more or less as good as it is.

He is currently, learning all that he can to do better at this — with all the new editing platforms out there and the rising demands of concert photography.

With little to almost no formal training (as with most talented photographers out there) he is in line to grow and absorb all that he can to continue improving the way he tells the story of every subject that he encounters. His attention to detail as well as his keen perception of how he wants to showcase the beauty, emotions and character of whoever, and whatever is in front of his lens is a key dynamic point in him becoming known in this field.

All obstacles and challenges aside — with all the demands and pressures, we need more like him who never sacrifices quality over quantity. He is one to look out for. Support our local artists, we need to recognize that what they do is not a simple point and shoot of the camera — it is their art and only some are to be masterfully skilled at it.

So, the next time you ask a photographer friend to shoot you — remember to reimburse them for the skill and the time they’ve given out. They won’t say it — but they do need it. A cheers to all the men and women behind cameras, you guys rock! Here’s a piece in honor of all the great things that you guys do!

If you wanna check him out and his amazing works just click here.