With the rise of music video through the early 80’s, record labels and artist alike started producing music videos everywhere, then in a snap, MTV happened just like that the rest is history.

Here are five local visually appealing music videos you should definitely watch.


Okay, let me say this. I hate IV OF SPADES. I don’t hate their music, but I hate their act with all the retro gimmicks (Kala didn’t do all the retro gimmicks, but their music still rocks with retro-ness.) So, let’s get this one out of the way.

You can hear this song literally everywhere— LED’s in LRT/MRT, on a convenience store, hell, even my local wet-market was jamming to this song. So, I don’t need to explain the song to yo- Hey Barbara

This music video consists of eye-candies all throughout. They’re hidden in a 4 x 3 aspect ratio. I can’t deny thou, that this video was “aesthetically” beautiful. It definitely goes along perfectly with the band’s retro-ness (I’d still say gimmicks, but I”ll give it to them, m*$%@kers are probably 8 – 9 years younger than me and they have achieved way more than I could’ve achieved in a lifetime.)

My beverly! Shit. I’m hooked to this song.


GVNDVLICXXX$ who recently changed her name to S V T V N V S (Why can’t she name herself something more searchable. but, hey—whatever floats her boat) did a music video with a local-studio “Hella Solid.” And it looks f*cking dope.

GVNDVLICXXX$ along with her cohorts did a shoot on an abandoned building, throwing Molotov cocktails, vandalizing and just wrecking havoc. It is just so good to watch. Combined with Hella Solid’s data moshing and graphics? Well, what more can I say, they made GVNDVLICXXX$ (I copy paste her name each time I mention her. That’s how hard it is to remember) the dopest female-rapper in town.


Speaking of graphics and eye-candies, Paco Raterta’s take on Jess Connely’s music video “Turn Me Down” is more than just a regular eye-candy and just good graphics. Raterta skillfully used different mediums,  taping old CRT TV’s to 1 x 1 black and white with Jess Connelly as the subject is truly just a beauty to watch. If you want more than just a review of this music video, then you should check my article on this here. 


BLKD, a skillful poet, and UMPH collaborated once more in Taksill. But now, they incorporated visuals that show BLKD’s lyrical prowess and UMPH’s 808’s that seamlessly bleeds in a 9×16 fitted on a cellphone screen.

Masterful editing is this video’s strength. From syncing BLKD lyrics with the bleeding projector screens that syncs with music along with an imagery that visually tells BLKD’s intention, while continuously rolling down on a 9×16 screen is a masterpiece.

Kudos from one editor to another.

5. FKJ feat. (((O))) – Vibin Out

This can’t really be considered local because of FKJ but (((O)) aka June Marieezy masterfully collaborated with him on Vibin Out. Yay, Pinoy Pride!

But seriously, these videos hook is its alluring and glamorous visuals with the enigmatic (((O))) in the limelight, as he carefully dances through his soft-beautiful voice with FKJ that supported his mellow beat.

This video is a statement that less is more—shot on a simple studio with dancers that is somehow perfectly well choreographed in their dancing. This video shouts along with its visuals without showing so much.