It’s the middle of the night, you’re alone in your room and you’re terribly bored. You open up your laptop, put on your headset and… you air drum like you’re playing in front of thousands of people!

Who doesn’t air drum when no one’s watching? Or maybe even if somebody’s watching?

Sometimes a song is just too powerful for us not to tap our feet and bang our head, let alone bring out our air drum sticks and bang the hell out of our air drum set.

So we compiled some songs for you to practice your air drumming skills – because who knows, you might join an air band and land an air gig?

5. Probinsyana – Bamboo

First up is an edgy song from start to finish! What we love about the drum parts of this song is that its dynamics and power are being contained right from the beginning and you can feel it ready to explode. Then comes the verse and it becomes contained again, and explodes in the chorus along with Bamboo’s powerful vocals.

Druming with eyes closed moment: Second part of intro

4. Tuliro – Sponge Cola

Another classic go to air drum song! The drum parts starts out steady enough for it to be remembered and blend in and then plays around in the chorus paired with Yael Yuzon’s dynamic voice.

Drumming with eyes closed moment: Chorus

3. Wag Mong Aminin – Rico Blanco

In case you didn’t know, Sandwich vocalist and former Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan did the drums on this one and even before you hear it, you know it would be awesome. Aside from the song and MV’s feels, the drum parts really make a mark. It’s really simple, mechanical,  and almost robotic, but it’s so damn catchy.

Give it a listen!

Drumming with eyes closed moment: Second Verse

2. Mariposa – Sugarfree

There are songs that is better to sing along to while air drumming and “Mariposa” is one of them. Include the loud-quiet-loud pattern that would drag you along with Ebe Dancel’s emotional and raw voice.

Drumming with eyes closed moment: Last chorus up to bridge

1. Nahuhulog – Sandwich

Sandwich has a lot of awesome songs to air drum to, but “Nahuhulog” has the drum part that would surely catch your attention. Especially with the build ups and fills that would make you feel like you’re falling and flying at the same time.

Drumming with eyes closed moment: Bridge 

Surely not all of us are drummers but a good song makes us all air drummers.

Which songs do you air drum to? Hit us up in the comments!