Music videos with flash, bling, and “hoes” can get pretty stale. To add a fresh twist on your palate, we handpicked five music videos that don’t need a high budget to qualify as good entertainment.

Someday – The Strokes (Is This It, 2001)

The Strokes are the people we wish we were old enough to hang out with in the early 2000s. In “Someday,” personal and professional friends of the band appear as they enjoy a night of casual fun, and some clips of a Family Feud episode. These friends include members of Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, and Guided by Voices. When you look at it, what they did in the video eerily resembles one of your typical nights out—cigarettes, alcohol, and memories you’ll only remember by looking at a screen. Big props to the music video’s coloring too, we’re absolutely in love with it.

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala (Lonerism, 2012)

Believe it or not, the directors are the same guys who created the “Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared” viral videos. Joe Pelling and Becky Sloan take us into Tame Impala’s crazy (crazy as in they were accused of plagiarism) world with “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” taken from their sophomore album. We don’t know how long this took them to create, but we hope they know that we truly appreciate the amount of time and effort they put in to give us this masterpiece.

No Waves – FIDLAR (FIDLAR, 2013)

Inspired by the glory days of VHS, Ryan Baxley’s direction of No Waves pays homage to old home-shopping commercials, talk shows, and a child-friendly intro of the band members. It quickly turns into the stereotypical day in the life of a Los Angeles slacker, portrayed by lead singer Zac Carper’s sister/Ryan Baxley’s wife. An all-day apartment party with booze, friends, and music sounds like something we’d be interested in.

Last Nite – The Strokes (Is This It, 2001)

Don’t hate us for putting The Strokes on this list twice; we couldn’t pick between which video to put up! In one of their interviews, lead singer Julian Casablancas didn’t really want to do anything fancy for this single. He literally asked them if they could do a live performance and RCA Records agreed. “Last Nite” shows us the power and rawness of The Strokes. From Julian’s on-point vocals to Albert Hammond Jr. and Fab Morretti’s attempts at keeping up the drum microphones, The Strokes truly are one of the most talented bands to have walked this planet. Now please go on tour and release an LP.

Cornerstone – Arctic Monkeys (Humbug, 2009)

A running joke in the Arctic Monkeys community, many fans think the band blew their budget on the preceding single “Crying Lightning.” To make up for the lack of CGI, Alex Turner grabs his red sweater, cassette recorder, and Handycam for “Cornerstone.” Like a personalized love letter, Turner emotionally sings like a scorned lover to the camera. Were they lazy? Maybe. Was this meant to be a joke? Quite likely. Is this one of the greatest indie music videos of all time? A definite, resounding yes.

Whether its western mainstream to local indie bands, you don’t need expensive equipment or fancy editing skills. Set up your phones and iMovie and you’re good to go!