Holiday albums are an absolute treat to fans because they take us away from the traditional choir-like hymns that we’ve been listening to our entire lives.

Now if only some of our favorite artists would release their own! So here’s our wishlist of artists we believe should have their own holiday ensemble!


DON’T CLOSE THE WINDOW—hear us out. We know DMX releasing anything other than a track that sounds like “Party Up” sounds like a joke, but the rapper already has one foot in the door. Back in 2012, he performed his rendition of the holiday classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at a radio station after a staff member politely requested. All DMX had at that moment was a table, two hands, and his distinguishable voice but he made use of all three. He released a recorded version of the cover on Spotify five years later and in all honesty, a DMX holiday album doesn’t sound so bad.

Porter Robinson

There’s no denying that Porter Robinson is one of the best young DJs in the world today. Versatile, smart, and creative, he jumps from one genre to another and manages to fuse his past influences with his present. His newest side project Virtual Self is proof of his flexibility as a producer so what’s to say that he can’t pull off something in time for the season? Just add some sleigh bells on top of his electronic tracks and we’re on our way!

Bon Iver

If you’re looking for a warm Christmas, Grammy Award-winners Bon Iver is a top pick. Ironically, their band name is derived from the French phrase bon hiver, meaning “good winter”. Let their comforting indie folk roots and/or recently found Folktronica tunes take you away while you sit on a comfy chair surrounded by your loved ones. We’re pretty confident in Justin Vernon’s songwriting abilities for the holidays, too.

John Mayer

Everyone’s wished for a John Mayer Christmas album and whoever denies it is a liar. Just imagine his smooth voice and calming guitars in the background crooning your family while you set up the tree—sounds dreamy right? He’s actually done beautiful covers of songs like Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, and the Eagles’ “Please Come Home for Christmas” but no official versions has ever been released. Please Mr. Mayer, bless us with a holiday album!

Lana Del Rey

Last Christmas, Lana Del Rey posted an 8mm-esque video of her singing the Eartha Kitt classic “Santa Baby” with her sister making an appearance. She captioned it with, “As per the request of the 11 yr olds.” on Instagram but she’s since taken down the post for unknown reason. Because of her sexy Americana-pop vocals, the one-minute video spread like wildfire and fans have been begging for a Christmas album (or at least studio version of the song) ever since.

We don’t want a lot for Christmas, just a holiday album from these artists. Come on Santa, we’ve been good all year round!

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