5 Artists That You’re Missing Out

Let us get down to it shall we. Check the list below:

Church Of Misery

This doom metal band from Tokyo, Japan uses serial killers and mass murderers as their main lyrical theme, even their album covers are often faces of iconic serial killers that you might end up mistaking these records as crime documentaries. Their dark occult imagery certainly fits their sound, which is like a fuse of early Black Sabbath and doom-like psychedelic blues.

They’ve been around since 1995, although most members have come and go, bassist Tatsu Mikami has been the sole constant member ever since and is still playing gigs around Tokyo today.

Sound Architects

One of the heavier sounds in the underground post-rock scene in Manila is Sound Architects. Dark, progressive, and atmospheric is how I would describe their music. Experience them live and you will feel the heaviness of their sound that rocks you to the core and into your heart. You will find them playing most of the time in Mow’s Bar, QC.

Stoned Jesus

This psychedelic group from Ukraine is a gateway to a whole world of the “Stoner Rock Music” scene, with the likes of Electric Wizard, Acid King and Sleep. Influenced with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Stoned Jesus’ bluesy progressive psychedelic sound and their imagery of religion mixed with stoner themes, is what sets them apart from the stoner rock scene.

Yomi No Kuni

If Black Sabbath and Metallica had a progressive post-rock baby, it would be Yomi No Kuni. Another one of the bands in the underground scene in Manila, their dark horror film soundtrack theme, and is what sets them apart.


Hailing from Ontario, Canada, METZ recently flew all the way here to Manila to play a gig in Mow’s, as part of their Asian Tour, and it was one hell of a loud and wild show. Their sound has been described as Punk-noise Rock, and this couldn’t be more accurate. Heavy, fast and thrash, sort of like an adrenaline rush with no breaks, is the overall feel of their music.

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